Hello to all

Hi, just wanted to say hello to all and looking forward to learning a lot…I have a big project that I want to attempt…fueling my motor home so I can see Alaska before my days on gods earth are up…Thank you

Hi Rodney;Welcome to DOW. I only run a generator but wanted to say you came to the right place. Dan

Hey Rod! Welcome
This be the place.
From one wisconsinite to another.
I work with a few late model dirt track drivers too.


Hi Rodney,

That will be an interesting project for sure. The caveats of running a motorhome will be fuel storage space and power loss/slow top speeds. I don’t know where you’re going to put that much wood for your trip - plan on 2-3 pounds per mile.

If you’re heading to Alaska then at least speed won’t be an issue… might want to pack some extra tires though!

First of I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome and yes Chris running a motorhome is the big goal, but maybe I’m going to get my feet wet first by trying something small t understand the concept first. Everybody has to have a goal right?

Hello Mr. Wittkopf and welcome sir.

I could visualize a motorhome pulling a trailer mounted gasifier with a couple of thousand pounds of wood carrying capacity also.

I doubt a gasifier could be designed to have enough turn down ratio to power a motor home at highway speeds and still make good gas at idle and slow speeds.

I do think a gasified motor home could operate on rural slower roads or running a % of gasoline at highway speeds and up hills.

Hey Wayne, thanks for the hat tip. I know my project is in the pipe dream stage, but I have never been known to be a “monkey see, monkey do”.type of guy. I live outside the box and like to try things. Heck, I and a few others ran our race cars on E 100 made from cheese whey…yup, that right…cheese whey. Worked really well. Sence then the race car got sold and so did my friends company that made the ethonal…anyway, looking forward to learning and making new friends …thanks Rod