Help me source the right gasifier fan?

I’m doing 2 Teslonian long range downdraft gasifiers,I have the hoppers ready and now need to source the right fans,can anyone tell me what 12 volt fans I need and where I might source them from?

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I use what most use I think. The inexpensive bilge blowers on Amazon or eBay


Are you using the 12 volt bilge blowers,and do they have to be metal,I’m wondering if,they are plastic,can I use clamps.Does the smoke come out hot enough to melt at the fan,and if I use clamps,should they be high heat?

Hello Samuel .

These are the blowers that I am using . The blowers should be good for 20-30K miles .

If you will go to the upper right hand part of this page and click on the search icon and search for blowers there are a few threads that will show up .

Thanks Wayne

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Ok great,I will order a few of these.Thank you very much Wayne :slight_smile:

Awesome,Wayne just dropped a link to one of these.Thank you.