Hopper liners

My gasifier is nearing completion. It is a WK design, alittle oversized because it was built from my scrap pile. MY hopper is the only major component not complete. It is28" in diameter and I have been thinking of lining it rather than cooling tubes. Is this a good idea or no? I live in a cold climate and would like to use this all winter. Is a liner as effective as cooling tubes? Do I need an upper gutter as well as a lower as with tubes, or just a lower? What is the best way or place to return the air back to the bottom, under or above the funnel? would it help if the liner was double walled and insulated? Any help from you guys in the know would be greatly appreciated. thank you, Jim

Hi Jim
I tried the double walled hopper , it was effictive but the cooling tubes are far better. I live in a warmer climate so I have no experance with the cold you are talking about .
The other thing is make a winter and summer hopper , fairly easy to change .
Thanks Patrick

Hello Jim .

I’m with Patrick and think the tubes will pull out more condensate but I also live in a warm climate and haven’t experienced the cold .

I think at one time Terry L used a double wall hopper ??

If tubes are used and no upper gutter there needs to be some type of grad to keep wood or trash from entering .

The return air flow will need to empty above a gutter system and the gutter system will need to be located away from the heat enough that it can’t boil .

I will build as per the book and possibly experiment with a liner as well. I don’t know why but I have been avoiding this part of the build for some reason. It is supposed to get warm for the weekend I’m hopeing to start cutting on the plow truck. This will not be it’s permanent home but a platform to experiment with until spring when my nicer rigs come out of hibernation.