Hot & Dry

Hot and Dry here…I am having a hard time keeping my trees I planted this Spring watered. (Hazel Nut & Blue Spruce & Maples) It feels like my well is running all the time. At least we still have electricity; no brown outs yet. It’s bad enough that we lost all our blossoms this past Spring. There wont be much food available this year to dehydrate and store.

Is everyone else just as dry these past few weeks?

We are very dry. Had a big rain come last night, first one in a month. We also have power. Many north of us do not. I feel for those who have no power and no A/C right now. Hope they have a different place to stay… Lot of food goes to waste with this long of an outage.

Was in a drought in SW Ohio here until Friday. Severe storm came through and its rained every evening since. Storm knocked out all sorts of power around us but we are some of the lucky ones. Got me thinking though that I would like to install a tee with shutoff valve on my WK gasifier so I could hook up my generator in an emergency. It is only a small 5500 watt unit though so I don’t know if it could keep the temp up in the gasifier or not. Thought maybe I would have to let the truck idle as well as run the gen set but that seems like a lot of wear on the old truck engine and I don’t know if it would work anyways. Has anybody ever used a WK full size unit for a small gen set? I guess my next project should be something smaller like Gary Grahm has. My wife will be thrilled to hear I have another project after this one!

Should work fine. I wouldn’t build it that big for a permanent off-grid solution but don’t hesitate to hook it up and make some power! Warm up the truck on woodgas and shut it down, let the generator run. You will be pulling similar to the truck at idle. Wayne has a video of idling for 25 minutes with no problems, could clearly have gone much longer. Be a good idea to crank up the truck and drive it around every now and then to keep things flowing. Or the grate shaker may be enough.

The hay filter has a little pipe cap so that you can tap into the gas supply. Usually used to check the gas quality.