How do i post a link

i dont know how to save a link too the bargin page when i see an axtra good price on wood gas parts.can some one simple fy this for me thanks.

You can use your browser to bookmark a page, click the star in the address bar on the right side.

You can also bookmark posts by clicking the bookmark symbol under each post. Your forum bookmarks are listed here:

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I think what you are asking is how to post a link to something you have found. I do it this way. I select the text in the browsers address bar and then use ctrl/c to copy it to the clipboard and then in my post here use ctrl/v to paste it into the post.

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Thanks andy on the copy link to dow bargin page,that is what i am trying too learn,and chris on the bookmarks i knew that part of orgonizing search time,thanks/back to see if can get andys idea working.

enter link description here


Any experts think this cualk might work on heat exchanger lid for around the rope,after insulation gaurd below lid.[enter link description here][1]

500 f caulk

Thanks I got this link saveing working, bookmark the the ebay page, then when at the dow bargin page,open the link box, then right click the the link on the bookmark page, then click copy,then move too the link box on dow right click ,then click paste,and your link is there, PS i still have too name the links with out deleteing them,Thanks for the learn link help.