How many people have been ridiculed for there gasifier

I posted on an F150 Forum trying to find out if there was a metal upper intake available for my truck. All I got was people saying that Wayne was a hippie and that it doesn’t work.

Made me quite mad.


Hey Barry , No worry . This scheme that does’t work have allowed me to see the Gulf of Mexico , The Atlantic , The Great Lakes and the Pacific and logged near a half million miles. But most of all this scheme has caused me to meet a lot of wonderful folks.:grinning:


I was just thinking the just a hippy comment is a great filter to eliminate dealing with less then desirable conversations. :wink:


I agree Wayne it’s an excellent system

I think it’s fine to be skeptical of ideas you don’t know anything about. The first time I saw or heard about wood gasification was on mountain men with Eustace building the gasifier on the back of that old Toyota.

To be honest it looked like such a ramshackle setup that I dismissed it as just more Hollywood drama.

But in my opinion the true sign of an ignorant person is someone that is presented with an idea and ridicules the presenter and dismisses it casually without doing any research.


I am far from hippie but I am a bit of a redneck. And let’s be honest if gasoline was a dollar a gallon I probably wouldn’t even bother with a gasification system.

But it’s not a dollar a gallon and it probably will never be that again it’s only going to go up.

And as an added bonus I do enjoy the thought that I’m not harming the environment with a woodgas system.


The production crew of the mountain show asked me to come there and build the gasifier and truck off camera . They wanted it to be designed so that it would blow up or catch fire . I declined to get involved with it or my name attached in any way .


Hahaha that is amazing! I dont blame you for passing on that.

It did spark my interest but you just never know what’s real and what’s not.


I feel sick reading this. I grew up with Discovery, NatGeo, History… quality program then. Now its aliens and sick reality shows like you mentioned… instead of presenting knolidge to people they poison their mind with crap like that, all in the name of money.


There was a time when Hollywood was considered the greatest exporter of ideas and culture to the world. Atleast now we have the internet and can bypass the media.


Funny how spreading dung has become more lucrative than spreading knowlidge. Says something about the avarage receiver. Maybe even more how successful commercial players have been setting standards for our lifestyle.
But, I’ve mentioned before - even magpies like shiny.
I like golden, freshly cut woodpiles :smile:


Answer: every single one of us.
Hurts especially when it is your own relatives.
Solution: just do it anyway.

(they are jealous of your DOing-it; did-it-myself, capabilities! fearful of erosion’s to thier own buy-in/sold-out Life choices. choices if self-examined would show them to being dependent and energy enslaved. so living in denial, insisting YOU not rock their illusions.)


I’ve had a ride in a few wood gas powered truck with Wayne’s design, including Wayne’s truck. I’m amazed on how well they work, that’s why I’m still on this forum. Tell those people to come to Argos at the end of the month so they can see for themselves. Not going to mention any names but I believe doing 80 mph on wood means it works well.
I think it’s amazing how Wayne came up with this design from what he had to work with. He’s been improving it in every truck he built.


hi barry the puff back of the lid does happen, if no leaks in the system then then the only puffback is just after filling with wood on a hot refill. or if you want a puff back test then run your gasifier max till empty on wood with lots of heat in the charbed add a little wood and shut door fast and wait few minuts, it shout puff back , it will be a much bigger puff back on an allmost empty hopper than a fully loaded with wood hopper. With a hindged hopper lid make sure lid swings away from you towards the truck or trailer front. The puff from a full refill is miled compared too an empty hopper puff from the above mentioned empty partial refill. Comen sence stuff when one thinks about the sercomstance variant. If you crack the lid a little in the morning you may get a few vibes on the lid or small puffs before getting lid shut though usually managable, dont hang over the lid at any time while starting fire or refilling and will be safe.


Hahaha!! Yeah try running a gasifier business!!