How to measure temperature drop of syngas after wet scrubbing?

If the syngas is 300 degrees celsius,and passes through a water scrubber with 27 degress celsius of water. How to calculate the final temperature of the gas leaving the scrubber?

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Many many many variables here. The amount of gas ( BTU’s per time) The time of the two in contact. The specific heat of the gas and the water. The rate of change in temperature of both proportionate to the difference between the temp of gas and water. As the gas approaches the temp of the water the temperature change slows down ( not a straight line function) and conversely as the water temperature rises it can never get to 300 no mater how long the contact.TomC


Hi Azlina,
I agree with Tom, too many variables. Here’s my suggestion, install bbq thermometers in line. Drill and tap holes, screw in thermometer, no math involved.

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