I didn’t see a specific place for introductions so I thought I’d just bail in here and say hello.

My buddy Dean and I made the pilgrimage to Wayne Keith’s place today to meet the man.

Wayne gave us the nickle tour and took us for a drive in one of his wood powered trucks. To say we were overwhelmed is an understatement.

I’m a retired military journalist and now do freelance writing and public relations consulting. I’d read about Wayne a couple of times in local publications and knew he was someone I had to meet.

Dean and I have adjoining farms in Etowah County (just above Springville) and have been involved in alternative energy projects and other nefarious schemes for many years. Dean has built two fantastic waterwheels that are set up at his place. I have a large solar power system that will be installed on my new shop in a few months. I have good wind potiential and want to build my own wind jenny to offset my power bill.

One of my other interests is military vehicles…I own two trucks and several trailers that are used for various missions. One of the trucks I have has the Hercules multi-fuel engine in it and I have ran it on waste motor oil, veggie oil, transmission fluid and a mixture of all of them.

If anyone is interested in having a get together when the weather gets better, maybe around March, I’d love to help organize it. I’ve had some success getting press coverage for military vehicle events I attend and I’d love to help spread the word about wood gas and related subjects. My email is wreckerman893 AT yahoo DOT com.

Welcome to the site Richard!

Hello Richard. I live in Cullman and have also visited Wayne. I am starting to build a WK gasifier and would love to have a get together with some other woodgassers. Just let me know what I can do to help.


I’ll talk to Wayne and see what he thinks and when would be a good time since he would be the star attraction.

My idea would be an alternative energy event that would include vehicles, power systems and related projects.

Doing it in March would improve the chances of good weather and give me time to find a venue and maybe line up some sponsors.

I’ll talk to Wayne and see what his thoughts are on the subject.