Howto Keep Pipe Threads from seizing

Found some time to disassemble the gasifier on the F-250 this weekend.

The gutter on hopper needed cleaning. We may add the double gutter setup while it is apart.

Unscrewing the pipes in the heat exchanger and gasifier seemd to be about as easy as the day they were put together. Awesome easy, thx Wayne.

On our Wayne Keith replica attempt, unscrewing the pipe threads was impossible, we ended up cutting.

Do you do anything special to the threads, or do you think we just get our gasifier that much too hot and welded the threads together?

Howdy Doug
Up here its called “Never Seeze/Seize”
There are high temp versions as well.
I use it everywhere especially where aluminum and steel are threaded together.
All the best

Good Morning Doug,

The old truck has several years on it with wood gas and glad to hear it was easy to take apart.

I use the red high temp RTV sealer on the treads. Also the gasifier design should prevent the threaded areas from getting very hot.

My oldest vehicle here doesn’t have the hopper cooler pipes but I will be adding them as soon as I get time.


Thank you gentleman!

You can mix graphite and oil into a paste and apply to threads. Graphite doesn’t burn or reduce.