Humidity "Pumping"

Ha! Ha! The DOW systems is saying this new view topic attempt is too close to the already topic of The Effects of Air Humidity on Gasification
No. Not really.
What I wanted open up discussion/observations about is how we use the principal of More Flowing to Less; or reversed outlook Less Drawing from More for drying.

With us using outside energy to more quickly force this humidity pumping.

We see this well in drying our wood fuels.
We see this well internally insides a gasifier system at different points.

Outside energy-inputs doing this humidity driving would be wood/wood-char made heat.
Could be, and has been done some in Labs using mechanical refrigeration and vacuum pumping.
And the Biggie of course using the sun’s solar energy to do our humidity pumping.

Ha! Wedged here between the big cold North Pacific Ocean and the upwards flows diverting (up to lower pressures and temperatures) Cascade Mountains I/we can and do flip overnight from too-hot low air humidity; to too cool then wet with rain falling out of the sky. The last 12 hours here overnight.
Tough, tough still here to get wood fuels net dried. Real net wood drying here is after the beginning of July.
And once again with our vehicle windows slightly opened to keep from solar gain heating premature cooking/aging the interior plastics and fabrics I now have dripping raining wetted vehicles interiors.
Sigh. Roll up the windows tight to not let more rain inside? That will then a day later be trapped sun heated? Not good for the unsealed interior electrical connectors.
Or, leave them slightly opened to let the new days sun energy pump out the excessive moisture?
Takes active daily windows up and down; up and down to get the quickest net drying effects.

What gets missed a lot in drying humidity pumping is you need to let the outside energy vaporized moistures OUT and away!
Air Flows forced from 100% saturation areas, out to less than 100% saturations areas.

“Pumping” can be as easy as just vertical rising ventilation.
Or as complex as a true refrigerated pressure lowering humidity pumping. Running the vehicle with the AC on, and blower fan at medium speed.

A good share of the year I envy you guys in the Interiors cold freeze-drying places.
And you Interior dry-land guys can envy my true 11-13,000 pounds a year per acre wood growing capability.

For true net effect drying always think in how to let the humidity out and away. Ain’t just about heating what you want to dry.
Think/observe tumble clothes dryers. Where was all of that wet clothes weight forced to be? Rain gear and rubber boots worn at above 50F/10C. Get you as wet it seems from body humidity trapped next to the skin as you are sheltered from sky-rain wetting.
Observe the special flows controlled drawer in your food refrigerator labeled for Vegetables; Crisper; Humidity Controlled.
Nasty tasting freezer-burn food are time dehumidified foods.

Observe. Observe. Observe. Think. Think. Think. How can I actively make humidity pumping work better for me.
Steve Unruh


Yes Steve we can leave our windows just open very little to let the heat out of the vehicles. Being dry here our vehicle interiors will cook and bake if not shaded or sun screens in windows to protect. We are having a more raining and higher humidity season so far this year on the east side of the Cascade Mountains Central Washington’s state dry zone. But the hot dry weather is just a head.


Washington and california have the least amount of drought I have seen in a while according to

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