Hybrid Dual Fuel Charcoal gasifier

Hi All,

Starting now with the first Hybrid-Dual system.

I want to incorporate all the things i have learned so far but i am sure that before this set is fully working many things would be changed due to the different test results.

Basically its a dual system with both up and downdraft and also both fuels ( Raw wood and Charcoal )

I aim to reduce the heat losses and use them in the fuel as i do now with the Thai Gasifier.
As for the moister, i have to see how the idea will evolve into a real life device. i want to use the heat from the condensates but only use a small part of the moister.

This is my next step into the world of DOW

Beyond my comprehension of wood gas but I will be watching
Bill S

Hi Bill,
It has a bit from a Brandt gasifier… in the central section is the updraft, the charcoal there makes sure the volatiles and tars are cracked more torrough
Just need to find a new way to skinn the cat since there is more then one way :wink:

It sounds like you are thinking of something along the lines of the “Dasifier”? (Dasifier - Dick's Foundry Adventures ) The Dasifier itself was designed for heating and I don’t know if it can make engine grade gas.

I’m interested to see what you can come up with!

Hi Brian,
Thanks for the link, its again another way to skiin the cat.
I will post a first drawing today to give some heads up.
It seems dough that the dasifier can give useable gas, i will certenly study it.
My idea is to build a kind of Brandt gasifier but slightly modified.
But again… this is a start, lets see how we can do in real…

On the search for the new , unknown, you always find good old knowledge. That is the path of learning.