I fed my addiction again today

I couldn’t resist bidding on this today after seeing that hardly anybody else was interested.

Granger wants $200 for it, so I guess I did OK. It is good for 2300 F.


Did you get one roll or multiple?
Knowing your luck you probably paid a dollar for it : ’ )

Me too. Picked up two wheel horses today. Pooh both hydro’s but I might build one for Mom. She can only now with a hydro.

Nice insulation there… :grin:

Hi Don,
I can’t decipher that R value number. What is the R value?

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Pepe, it says .75 but somehow that doesn’t seem right.

Hid bid info says he got this for $15.00 usd. Good score DonM.
That R value is by the inch thickness. So double it for the 2" uncompressed as supplied. 4X to 6X that for what you’d expect to see in a wall.
AND I think the R rating is at the expected temperature differential in use too. They are expecting you to be using this at very high versus ambient temps. It’s all good. In fact it is great.

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hi DON MANNS, Are you up too a wood gas vidio.if you leave early could probably beat the speedy traffic on the freeway at 50 mph.Or are they going too ship it for you.Nice find

Yes, it’s per inch. See the 1" batt here, same value:

Here’s the datasheet:


I think they’re giving you metric units, based on the thermal conductivity of 0.09 (752F) / 0.18(1472F). Mineral wool is similar but not quite as good… http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/mineral-wool-insulation-k-values-d_815.html

The imperial R-value is 5.68 times bigger than the metric version.

So you’re looking at about R 8.5 insulation… at 2,000 degrees!!


Hi Kevin, That auction yard is only 25 minutes from my house. Sometimes I wish it was farther away so I wouldn’t be tempted as much.


Hi don and chris ,are you thinking this type is a little better than Rock Wool.I will keep my eyes open for deals, THANKS

I only got this because it was a good deal. I would not go out and buy it full price because Rock Wool works almost as good and is a lot cheaper

That would be expensive weight reduction over rock wool,space saver tech.

Hi Don, this is a magnificent material, personally we use it on our ceramic ovens (my wife is a ceramist -potter-) y we burn at about 1.180 degrees centigrade (oC). We have home made ovens with this material that are about 30 years old and the material is intact, it´s almost undistructable. Use it, an at that price, don´t even think about it. Soon I´ll be posting some fotos of our proyects, the idea is to use woodgas for the ceramic ovens.


My wife is a potter also and I’ve had the same thoughts just haven’t pursued it yet

For those of us who don’t use the obviously superior system, 1,180C is 2,156F. :slight_smile:

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You’re right Brian. Of course it’s superior. My great grandfather even used foot and inches. Didn’t know better back then :smile:

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Hey BrianHWA it is significant to realize that most of the aspects of that superior system were just as arbitraily derived as the good 'ol king fingers, or foot.
One meter was declared to be one millionth the declared the distacnce from the equator to Paris. Says who? Emperor Napoleon. Comply or punishment. He’s gone. Plate shift happens. Freezing and boiling point of water easily shifted too with least bit of metals/minerals. As easy as base 10 use is . . . . dickens to translate into now use base 2: on-off, high-low.
The important thing is we all just give something out that can be related to someone else’s understanding.

Woodgas I use a lot of SEE and SMELLING, FEEL and VIBRATIONS. Easy to hands-on real world use-train this way especially to woman the other half of the human race.
Hard to internet convey these. Feel the golf shot. Feel the stall shudder. The sail luffing.
IMHO the only relevent woodgas it that that can be used by other than braniacs or consumer addicted button pushers.
Weldors. Cooks. Sowers. Potters. Childraisers. Folks dedicated to using their whole selfs in all of their daily living.

But hey. That just me. Continue on guys.
Steve Unruh


Steve, equator to Paris was unknown o me. I’ve been tought definition is equator to pole is 10 000 km.

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Hmm. My darn tricky memory anymore.
Seems we are both right and wrong J-O.
That distance from the equator to the north pole HAD to be through Paris.
Napoleon enforced this new standard through his empire.
Actual “metre” measurement standard was redefined at least 8 times 1790 through 1960?
Still a non-absolute. Only as good as those agreeing to comply with the current declared standard.

In the State of Washington any/and all wood fueled “heating” device has to meet a State Ecology dept Standard for efficiency and emissions using a specified “crib” crisscrossed weight of stick formed, specified moisture Douglas Fir wood load.
This has now killed off two different in Washington State attempts to make certifiable useable available CHP woodgas systems. One a chipped, the other a chunked wood system.
This Standard killed off most woodstoves and all of the HWB systems to be allowed, made, brought into and my state too. No acceptance riveted on plate. No homeowners insurance. And subject to a court ordered State cease and desist use order with daily non-compliance fines.

My point. Standards are fine when they allow for interchange, expansion and communication flows. When they confuse and limit??
My still perfectly fine tube CRT Sony 32" TV now cuts off the edges of the now widescreen broadcasts standards. . .the the TV weather reports numbers gets chopped. Gee. And that TV was even a post new millennium 2000 wedding anniversary gift.
Yeah. Yeah. The trees will still grow weather encouraged. Age out and die and need to be harvest and replaced. And still burn for heat and power irregardless of how precise we over-fancy-off the doing of it.

Steve Unruh


Just one more thing before Don starts barking for beeing hijacked.
We’ve been metric for over 100 years, but we actually still use inches for a few things, for exampel TV screens and tires. Nails, lumber and pipeing are borderline. Stores sell them metric for last 20-30 years but people still talk 4"nails, 2"4 and 1"pipe.

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