Ideas on how to reuse the waste heat, from the engine, in a woodgas truck

Just wondered what ideas are rolling around out there (no pun intended), for reusing waste heat, from the engine, to make woodgas transportation more efficient.
I already understand the normal WK ways of reusing the exhaust heat.(read the book) Another way to capture for some of that exhaust heat would be too use a turbo, very tricky from what i have been reading. Yet another is using some of the exhaust gases to dry out the wood.
@SteveUnruh has talked about using the heat from the radiator, mounted in the bed, to dry out the wood as well. I’m having a hard time envisioning an efficient way to mount one in the bed so that I could dry out wood efficiently when needed but when I have plenty of dry wood on hand be able to use the bed for cargo. Anybody tried this yet? Anybody have a drawing or any thoughts on how to do this?
Any thoughts, ideas, drawings, are welcome.
I finally got ahold of a truck with a blown motor and picked up a good motor last week. Ended up with the whole thing pretty cheap. Less than $100 out of pocket. I’m wondering about this topic mainly so that I can incorporate some of this into the build since I’m going to have the entire truck apart anyway. BBB

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I have been called a thief with some of my purchases but I think you got me beat.:grin:


why not install a large radiator (either exhaust or hot water) near the front of the bed and use some scoops under the truck to direct ram air past it. when drying wood a folding or removable tonneau cover and a mesh tailgate would direct the air past the wood.


Not sure I got you beat. Traded 17.5 hours of labor, changing transmissions, for the truck. Motor I paid for, but I am welding some cross members on an old rusted trailer for someone to cover most of the cost.

Also helped that I went and got the motor myself. Got it out of a wrecked van with the frame rust clear through. Motor runs really well though, supposedly was rebuilt a few years ago.

This trip made me wonder if I could live without an 8ft bed.

@Handy_Andy I like you idea, radiator with tonneau cover.