Im new here

just wanted to say hi every one!!
my name is ryan i been looking at doing wood gas for a long time, and Wayne i like what u did to your Dakota’s i had a 93 4x4 v8 a few yers back and i just love that truck but i sold it :frowning: i dont have a lot of money but im good at working on stuff im a jack of all trades but a master at nun lol im all ways willing to learn , so any way… my bro gave me a 1977 ford f350 it came from Canada all the way down to mid TN ware im at it has 70,000 miles on it and rust to :slight_smile: but im thinking about gasifying it, and i love the out doors and i like to have a cheep costing driver so i can go out more and explore and get to my fly fishing spots and camp ground’s and what not… you know just to test it!! ;), im thinking maybe this will be a good truck to get my feet wet, then maybe later i can get me a Dakota again :slight_smile: seems like your Dakota run good on it Wayne

like i sad im kinda poor most of the time :slight_smile: but i think i need to mess with this, i just need to start gathering stuff
it may be a bit b4 i start it right now im working on getting the bugs worked out of my new wood stove i made, i have never seen any one make it like we did so i dont have any ware to fall back on other than seeing what works and what dont lol

back to the truck it had a flat bed but i just takin it off to day to re do it, it was way to big for what i want, the old plasma worked well to take it off!!! don’t worry i didn’t cut the bed up just the bolts and stuff that didn’t want to come off,

so thats about it for now, i got a lot of reading and video’s to look at there’s a lot of new stuff from the last time i looked in to wood gas

Welcome aboard Ryan!

thanks chris