Just wondering how if any running a gasifier in your truck or for home power could or would affect insurance rates…

anyone have any issues with their insurers?

Don’t ask. Don’t tell.
On a physical inspection claim the barrels are engine exhaust heated slop cooking barrels and your cooling rack pipes are hog tie down rails.
Oh. And learn it takes an older looking, paint faded, rust spotted vehicle to pull these kind of things off best.

Black, pretty, with wheels and tires, and fast looking just gets you NO sympathy. Ha! Ha! No not Mr Wayne. A Volvo and a MB from my past. Smurf blue VW Rabbit, bronze Pinto SW, Frog green Suzuki Samarai I could get away with most anything.


I have all four of my wood burners insured and the agent has never asked how they are fueled.
He has also been at my house with us setting on the tailgate having conversation.