Interesting new syngas technology

This is from a website I like to visit. They are producing syngas using solar. Lots of information that may be of benefit to some woodgassers seeking to learn more about chemical processes that occur in the production of syngas. The site is mostly for electric aviation, yet they cover a great deal of new technologies that are alternative energy, aerodynamic efficiencies, energy storage ( especially batteries) , alternative fuels, building construction, etcetera. It’s the first article there where I’ve seen syngas production discussed, so I thought I would share it here.


Interesting article! I grew up about an hour outside of Hobbs, NM and had no idea they had a syngas facility there now. “SunSprings”, catchy name for their demonstration facility. It’s interesting to me how they are trying to do what mother nature and time does for us through tree growth: convert CO2 and water to fuel. Cutting out the middle man (or woman, since it’s mother nature!) so to speak.

Taking this a step further, I wonder if the tree huggers will come down on them for stealing CO2 food away from the trees! GRIN


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Hi Charles,

Technically they are doing the same as we do in our reduction zone from our gasifiers.
My latest test revealed that its possible to produce 95% CO with >0,3% CO2
Input was a mixture from pure oxygen and pure carbon dioxide, no air.
The feedstock was bamboo charcoal with >90% carbon content.

Bringing it to the real world… gasifiers are converting CO2 to CO, but how to bring pure CO2 to your gasifier…

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Is there ANYTHING to the idea of reclaiming CO2 from the engine exhaust? I have monkeyed with it, but without noticeable success. (one time I THOUGHT I noticed some success…)

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