Internet radio show

Will be doing an interview on an internet radio show with a farmer friend Scott Terry, tune in or listen later: Starts 10PM EST Friday night.

You can call in to the show, the number is (646) 716-6422 - or leave a comment in the live chat room.

Show starts in 20 minutes.

“It’s like working with Doc Brown on the DeLorean.” That was hilarious.

sounding good, now you got me interested in your carburetor setup in your truck Chris. You’ll have to explain more about this once you get time.

Just listened to about an hour of the show. Great job Chris. You were wonderful at explaining what this technology is and how it can be utilized. You were also a natural behind the microphone.

Well done Chris! I listened to the whole thing. You have a wealth of information and experience at the tip of your tongue and did an excellent job of explaining it in an accurate and entertaining way. Is there anything you can’t do?
Don M

Chris, good job!! ------ Very smooth.

Peter C

Thanks guys! It was a fun show. It’s available for streaming or download on the same page in case you didn’t feel like staying up last night…

On a technical note, I used Google Voice to call in, and it sounded like good quality audio - better than standard phone quality. There are occasional drops in the signal. I have been evaluating the service as a telephone replacement, and it seems to do fine for the most part. It’s nice to have a phone right in your computer. The only hard part is getting a microphone hooked up, I have a dedicated headset and small mixer.

I just listened to the whole recording… Good Job Chris!! talking about woodgas that long takes quite some experience, it was really interesting.
Thanks for posting the link. Ron L.

Hello Chris,

Thanks for doing the interview. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it good yet but will try to do it tonight.

I came in from the hay field late yesterday and noticed water bubbling up in my drive way. I had to dig up a water line and fix it. I ate supper and past out.

I got a phone call just before day light from a filming crew asking if they could film dawning over the farm.
A film crew had just flown in from Peru doing a documentary. See below.

I think they said it would be featured at the Sundance film festival.

I drove them around in the wood burner as they filmed. I was asked about local reaction, and said there was none. We drove into town and through the wall mart parking lot as they filmed the reaction of the public. (There was no reaction)

They had never heard of wood burning vehicles before the mother earth article.

This documentary may make people more aware of renewables and gasification.
All smiles when they left.

The photos are loading the gasifier with wood and newspaper.

I am back to the hay field to race Mother nature .

I also second Chris when he stated that Wayne should be interviewed on the podcast :). But only when the hay is in of course.

Hello Chris, I think a new choice needs to be added to the top toolbar – Interviews. I have been listening to your interview while doing other internet browsing, I love it and plan to repeat the session many times this coming week. You sound like you have more energy in that radio interlude than in Argos, but you’ve been busy before that get together.
They have those WWII interviews recorded for eternity expressed in a way a book couldn’t touch. What fun it would be if we as a community could listen in to stories with the drivers of woodgas tell about their good and bad experiences. Eventually, that list will get huge, proving that each one has something in common – determination. Doug D

Cool interview. SLU is just west of us about 75 mi. The Golden Knight’s( my alma mater, Clarkson) traditional hockey/lacrosse rival!