Is anyone running a v8+ on straight woodgas?

Is anyone running straight woodgas on a CR of around 17:1 on a v8 or more v10 v12 v16 etc? Id like to see how they are doing or how they did it or how many hp/ftlbs they are getting.

Nobody’s got that high of compression, but most of the vehicles here are V8 trucks. Wayne is running a V10 Dodge 8L.

17:1 is a theoretical laboratory limit. Anything above 14:1 is very hard to dual-fuel, and gives diminishing returns on power.


Hello Rance

Below is a short video of a v-10 running straight woodgas . Med CR , ( 180 psi per cyl . ) will also run good on 87 octane gasoline

I have put about 25K on this truck since the video , Put about 50 miles on it just yesterday .


Im getting closer to done on my dream wood gas system and it is becoming more of a high tech piece of machinery. got hopper/ feeder / hearth/ connection/ screen/ seperator DONE. working on intake / cooling / filter / duct work. trying to run a chevy 454. hopefully operating soon. putting in alot of long hours! will have pics soon

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HI rance,I think if i was building a motor, i would use flat top pistons,or 11 and 1/2 too one CR,getting up too 12 too 1 CR and starts spark knocking on cheap gas.My old 68 327 flat top motor had good tire smoke when needed.In fact i bought it from a friend that brought it back from AL. too holly,mi,in 1982.

HI philip,good luck with the 454 project,i wish i had a good old 454 truck or car motor,is yours a truck 454 or the car one.I heard they made two differt blocks,one with different or longer stroke,i dont know for sure if the motors were 427, or 454,they allso made a 40? big block forgot the last digit,my dad had one at one time.

Im trying to run my RV 454 on straight wood. i also am using the cooling system as a hot water heater/ for comforts. but still have to build all that from scratch. probably should have a safety valve on it so my water tank wont blow up lol.
also thinking of incorperating a thermo cracking unit in it to produce gasoline, diesel, and propane all off of one unit.

Helow philip are you MR teslodian,or copying his plans,I seen your toyota pickup wood gas vidio,i coppyed the basic design,and got a nice flare,then when i put it too a motor,it made my throtle sticky,it may have been my wet wood and not much cooling systom.I half copyed, NICE VIDIOS PHILIP on the wood gas builds,THANKS, That got me beleiveing in the wood gas,with the flares,I was haveing trouble maintaining a constant flare,and Wayne Keith has been Driveing V8 dakotas for 9 years or so, Then i had the money and perchased his humbley afordable plans. if you get his plans,you will learn all the operational benifits,of his about 10 years traveling on wood, well worth the price of could stand too learn a lot, you get the book,and internet building vidios. and how not too make dirty gas.ALLSO WORKS IN COLD CLIMATES. GOOD LUCK with your project, As wood gas is less power than petro by about 30 too 40 percent,That 454 would work real nice in a heavy half ton chevy or a 3/4 ton truck.The truck mount gasifiers are a bit heavyer than your toyota build.and still have power too pull a trailer.Wayne Keiths design has been tested at the universaty level,and serpassed all emissions better than gasoline trucks.That is likely in the design quality of his plans.

Good luck with all that… I personally wouldn’t waste my time on anything that mr. Tesalonian fellow does.


Hi MR olson,my very first wood gas testing was done with his set up,if you read it properly, it dident look too tar free so i bought the WK plans,well worth the change, MY lousey writeing probbly confused you. I supose there are other imbert type designs.You got too give him some creadet for sharing his ideas,I allso incorperated some of tom collins design from yahoo wood gas site,and will be making a nearly smoke free, instant HOT water heater out of it in spare time,with some of my own ideas.SWEM.Good luck with your wood gas building buisness.