Is there a source for a Cyclone?

I am working on a shopping list for a charcoal gasifier. Is there a source for the cyclone or am I better off building my own?

Hi Doug,

I have 4 and 6" units on the shelf.

How many hp did you want to run?


Hi Stephen, I put a plug in for you on one of the other threads … How are the blueberries doing this spring … I’d like to get some of your jam … What do you think the shipping would be (UPS Ground or similar) on one of your 2 inch in and 2 inch out which I’d guess is the 6 "… How far below the inlet is the outlet pipe ??? … I would have to fit a cone in there … :o) … Does that void the warantee ??? Just kiddin … Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,

What is your shipping address? I will send you a couple jars to have and share with the folks at Argos. I just lost the last of the snow about six days ago. The leaves are just barely starting to sprout. The rhubarb is well underway.

I will check the print in the morning. The swirl body is 16" tall and I think the exit hangs 2" below the inlet. There is plenty of room for a cone inside.


The generator is an 11hp 6kw machine.

Hi Doug, we also offer cyclones along with all other portions of our filtration systems. We can build in mild steel or stainless. We offer the cyclones in 4, 5 and 6" models. With the exception of the 6" version they come with the quick disconnect clam shell clamps. The picture shown is the 5" model I would probably recommend this one for your application. Contact me via email for a quote.



HI Doug,

My four inch would work well for that application. Just the cyclone is $200 plus shipping. The cyclone and gas cooler is $350 plus shipping. Let me know if I can help further.