Jesse North Charcoal Lawn Mower

Hello, this is Jesse North. I have started a lawn mower project. It is a charcoal system. I worked on it today. Yesterday I was working on this tank for the hopper. It was an old tar tank off of Dad’s truck. Today I spent making a cyclone. I posted a picture of it in ADAPTech Projects but will post here from now on.

I cut one out first wrong because I did my math wrong and had to re-do it.

KIMG0520 KIMG0519


How is your charcoal project coming along Jessie? Looks like you have a good start. The grass is growing!


Finishing school for the year so I have been pretty busy. I am going to try to work on it next week


I worked on the gasifier some more got the ash clean out and the fill up pipes in. The fill up is 6"and the clean out is 4".
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