JKQX10 Gasifier Mod

her is a drawing of how i modified a jqx10 to be tar free incase anyone has one of these tar makers
thanks Tom

Hey thanks for posting this up TomM.
There are probably between 300-1000 of these Chinese made gasifier stove kits out there in the US and Canada.
You were saying you were able now to fuel with wood chips, chunks and pellets? Running time comparison?

Have you engine ran with this set up? Or just flare?

Have you done any upgrades to the water cooled filter/condenser assembly?

Thanks in advance
Steve Unruh

Hey Steve
Yes I have an 11hp koler tied to an induction generator
The chips burn good but not near as long
under 1000w load or so my test equipment is crude 2/3 hopper of pellets runs 3to5 hr 2/3 hopper of hard wood chips 1to 2 hrs
I have not mod the cooler but the 1" pipe is to small to do anything larger
I think i am going to build my own filter for my next one it’s made out of a 16 gal drum with ceramic burner i’m found of those as they keep most of the heat in the burner so less need to preheat it seems
I wonder if you join Wayne Keith’s club can you get plans or do you have to wait till the book is done?
here is a pic of my genset if it up loads

Your picture comes through great.
Wow a late model OHV Kohler with electric starting to boot!
I’m seeing the brass radiator as the Chinese cooler liquid radiator/cooler?
And the aluminum radiator as to the engine fuelgas air to air cooler?
Red lube can is the final filter, yes?

Thanks for the fuel consumption info. Fits. Fuel density matters.

On the Premium site membership section continuous videos are being put up about three live vehicle system build ups by Wayne and ChrisKY. There are at least 5-6 guys parallel building their own vehicle “Keith Systems” following these now with feed back and even some system improvements. The vehicle conversion book scheduled to come out later based on all of this video and input.
Also an “Ask Wayne” section there, a Your Project section and a active Builders Discussion Group there too…
One fellow in one of these is using Keith building principals to modify a LucG. 3G-I grateless inverse cone hearth for small engine usage. These are only (IMO) pellet and chipped fuel capable.
Some vehicle guys already just using and recommending small engine gen-set operating on a warmed up larger vehicle system. Some of us now speculating either a down sized “Keith System” build or a standard V-8 engine sized unit internally reduced down by using thermal bricks for small gen-sets (me).

Steve Unruh

Hi Steve
Your right on about the parts on my genset
I want to build a larger one for my truck and thought i might use waynes design and maybe use a ceramic fire box


I’m new here. While searching for information whether Chinese JQX-10A or the newer TW-10A are any good for hooking up to a genset, I found this forum.

Thomas, is it a difficult modification to JQX-10? Welding required? It would be really interesting to see a photo of the inside.

I don’t have welding equipment - that’s one of the reasons I’m searching for a gasifier to purchase. Howerer, it seems, there is not a lot of choice and quality of gasifiers are of concern.

Thank you!


Yes it does require some welding mainley the fittings to the outside

If your into gasifiers you probably should pick up a little welder and get started if yor not already

Mine works ok on a genset but we had a long term power outage last spring after 3 days i melted the choke plate It was to small but it’s a full time job feeding a working gasifier

i’ll try to find some pics to send
If you don’t have one yet i wouls look at Waynes designe really close i think it would be a lot better
I built an 8" wk but have not had a chance to fire it yet

good luck


Hi Tom,

I think it’s very important to have quality hermetic welding with no air leaks, which, I guess, needs experienced hands and good welding equipment (TIG?). Also, I can’t really do welding because I’m afraid to burn my inverter (no grid here). The last time I looked, all of them were 7kVA minimum… If I’m wrong, please tell me.

Still, pictures would be very interesting and I think beneficial for more than just me.

BTW, where can I find Wayne’s design?

Today I bumped into www.vulcangasifier.com - I think he’s in this forum too. As I would like to burn sawdust pellets (they are easy to get here), it seems, Vulcan gasifier would be a good choice for a non-welder like me. I wonder whether they’re alive. Waiting for a reply on it right now.

Best wishes,

You need to buy the book to get access to Mr. Keith’s designs. Once you have purchased the book you get into the premium members area and can start building from there as there is a lot of info for construction posted

hi linas you need to be a premium member chris can set you up
if you are really into gasifiers it will be the best money you will ever spend
hope you get this i just had it ready to send and it went away
anyway as far as welding off grid i have a ready welder (BRAND NAME) many makes out there
it will run from 14 to 48 volts with or without gas Note for good welds you need the gas NOT flux core
There are lots of people on the premium site to help they have done it for years
I have never met Wayne I hope to one day soon But I think he has what they call a working mans PHd.
He will amaze you with what he has done
I think you will like the premium site
good luck

I’m serious about gasification, but not yet sure whether I’ll build the gasifier myself. That’s one of the reasons I’m looking into gekgasifier, Vulcan and those Chinese ones… Of course, the major blocker is welding in my case.

When I was researching the welders, I saw that they seem to use DC current and some of them 48V exactly. My battery bank is 48VDC, so I thought maybe it’s possible to hook up the welder directly to the batteries? But, as this is not an area of my knowledge and, given the currents in use, might be quite dangerous, I didn’t elaborate more on this thought. But now that you mentioned this, do you think it’s possible? Maybe you know which model exactly is capable of working from DC?

BTW, when you say “need the gas NOT flux core” - you mean attach a CO2 bottle?

Good Morning Thomas and thanks for making my head swell.

I would love to met you also and hope to soon.

When you mention the PHd I thought of an introduction I once used .

A few years back and arriving at an bio-energy event I introduced my friends and partners as .

David Bransby , Auburn University PHd.

Carla Shoemaker . Auburn PHd.

And myself Wayne Keith Springville Al, GED

I had been ask to be the keynote speaker at an event where almost everyone there had some letters just after there name . I didn’t want to be left out.

hi linas
the voltage on the welders i speak of needs to be changed for the heat adjustment and yes i meant a co2/argon mix
as far as the other designs there are lots of them out there that i have never tried steve, woody, mike feel free to comment but as for me i have a chinese and would not recomend one you have to completley revamp it to get any kind of service I have done a lot of research and i think waynes is about the best i have seen I think you would be more satisfied to learn to weld if you can’t already and sort out your power a cheap genarator will run a nice mig for you only need it part time
I think if i was going to buy one i would look at the vulcan never had one but matt R seems really into it.
But again a lot of guys here are more knowlagable on this then I and i’m sure they will be glad to help
good luck

Hello LinusO
I see you are EU. Everyone commenting so far this means he has a three phase, much higher voltage sandard than we here in 90% single phase North America. The BEST welders are three phase based. My MIller engine driven welder-generator is a three phase on the welder. The “Name” brand welders in EU is ESAB. Originally Swedish, now UK based I think.

Linus there are three (four, now with the new plasma) types of electric welding as determined by how the filler material is fed in to the weld puddle. Then, each of these can be AC or DC based welding. Then, solid dry filler material fluxed versus bottled gas from atmosphere protected. Each process selected depending on the material to be welded, and the conditions it will be subjected to.
Gets complicated quickly.
Yes you would need a minimum of 7kW power and be wanting more.
Yes batteries could be set up to be able to do some direct DC only welding at ~17 to 25? VDC. VERY energy intensive. You would need to be able to put into them as you weld that min 7kW to be able to keep a stable welding voltage and amperage. My 2.5 kW AC out inverter tops out at 1.5 kW DC output. I’d cook it if I tried.

Even IF you did buy a pre-made gasifier you will find you want to weld anyhow to be able to modify for your fuel, and your specific operating conditions. Later you will need to weld for repairs and wear.
I can vouch for the VICTORY gasifiers. As all Stainless Steel you would need to be able to TIG/Heliarc bottle gas shielded weld for these.
GEKs can be either carbon steel or partial SS. TIG still the best for the SS but I think they MIG bottle gas shielded process weld for both materials in their units.
Matt Ryders VULCAN’s look good, with well known design principals. So far he is carbon steel based so a MIG welding process capabilty would be needed. He says later he will be selectivly using SS also.
Again, as these are all North American based, you in the EU really DO want to have your own welding capability anyhow for the reasons of repairs as a minimum. OR . . . get to know a good local welder man or woman and be willing to barter/pay them.

I suggest you contact Dutch John a member here. He is an experienced EU woodgaser. Builds/modifies his own woodstoves and builds his own gasifier systems. LIves semi-off grid with his own solar/wind and IC Engine generated power. Sometimes he has had one of his one-off systems available.
You can look over his gasifier work on his website:
Contact him directly there, or on his member page here.

My Belgium brother-in-law now has them home heating on woodfuel pellets. next he says woodpellets for his domestic hot water. Two young childern in the household. He is also now interested in IC engine powering now to supplement his solar in the futire. Wood pellets require special gasifer hopper handling to prevent at unit shutdown turning into a clogging wet sawdust mush.
BE SURE to tell this to a gasifier unit supplier!!

Steve Unruh

Mr. Wayne, that was a good one. I managed to get a B.S. and we all know what THAT stands for!

Anyway, I’ve been lurking around for a couple of days, reading the posts. Really enjoyed the sharing atmosphere. Steve U had some really helpful information (I have to read 'em about three times before it starts to sink in) that answered several of my potential questions about gasifiers… And Tom’s
mention of getting into welding if one is going to mess around with these things works for me, too. Anyway, the thing that makes the Premium worthwhile to me is it seems like the easiest way to really get you started with gasifiers right out of the gate. The videos I think will make it easier for a sometime tinkerer like me to give it a shot.

This system can be used to charge banks of batteries as well as power a truck down the road couldn’t it?

Rock Perkins