Job Opps at APL: 1. Senior Mechanical/Thermal Engineer. 2. Engine Assembly Tech

Hiring is continuing at ALL Power Labs. We again try to prioritize hiring from within the gasification community whenever possible, so hope some here will consider these positions. Even if the current ones aren’t a direct fit with you and your talents -but other situations would be- tell us of your interest and we’ll keep you on the list for future opportunities. We’ll be announcing more positions soon.

For the current round we’re announcing a rare opening in our core engineering group. We have so many new projects and products on the horizon that we need to expand our high level design and management capacity. We are looking for seasoned multi-disciplined engineers across the mechanical and thermal disciplines, and/or gasification specific engineering heroes.

This is an invitation to replace and/or augment the minds of Jim and Bear, as the default engineers of APL solutions. This is an invitation to be a core author and leader of what we do here. Growth requires that such core authorship is moved beyond one or two minds, and progressively positioned in multiple sites of high level expertise. Gasification luminaries encouraged to apply. We will help with relocations from Europe, Asia or Africa for compelling candidates.

More information on this position is here:

The second position is for Power Systems Assembly Tech on our production line. This makes you the guy/girl that mates engines to genheads, wrangles all gearhead relates issues, and runs commissioning tests on the results. You need to be at home with arts of rotating machinery, and the wrenches that turn their discordant mumblings into soothing song. As these are contemporary engines, electronics are involved, so you should be comfortable working with such too.

More information is available on this position here:

If you would like to apply, and our ask questions, please write us at
[email protected]


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Hello Jim.

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