Just built a basic gasifier

Hi guys, I couldn’t help it, I just had to give it a try! So I took a 5" pipe and a 100 lb. propane bottle and started to learn how to weld. Hope I can figure out how to post some pics and post on here. Working with my cell phone here, it says my pic is too big to post. Anyway I got it to flare so I was pretty happy so far.



That’s how most of us started. Just don’t ever quit.


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To get my pictures to fit directly from my phone I have to crop the picture to about half it’s size. I can also email it to myself to pull it up on my laptop and resize it in Microsoft Paint.

The Apple store and the android store have apps for resizing pictures.

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Thanks for the response. I say basic because I just have the reactor with a 2" gas outlet necked down to 1 1/4", then back to 2" for the flare. I created a 3" throat by welding short pieces of 4", 3 1/2", 3" pipe to the bottom of my 5" fire tube, then going back up in increments to 5" for the reduction zone. I used 4 air nozzles from 3/8" black pipe and hooked up a small shop vac for a blower. I filled the 25 gal propane bottle with water and cut the top off with a grinder, then welded a flange on top. Lots of fun, and work too. Not to mention, it all costs money ! It sure keeps me busy though.

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Stephen offers the best advice, don’t ever give up!


Ok I’ll see what happens, I put a 2 1-/4" restrictor ring in above 3" throat to try to make it burn longer. Haven’t tested since then, but will soon, my biggest problem is bridging in the 5" hopper. Got plenty of birch to burn, had a mild winter.