Just getting started

My names Marshton from upstate NY I’m starting my own wood gas conversion project my victim is a 1994 Chevrolet 1500 4x4 extended cab seeing that ive looked through most of this site and seen no chevys hopefully itll be a first been out buying a lot of materials ill post pictures as i progress into this wicked journey.

Marshton: I have a 95 Chevy 1500 (with a Chevy 350/5.7L) 4x4 Extended Cab (see: pictures in that tab on my profile) that I hope to get gasified. Currently, all I have is the truck and a fire tube. I just can NOT find usable barrels in my area for cheap enough though. So far, my best option is some brand new barrels at 45$ each from Seattle which is another 180 miles round trip for me at 11 mpg. That is fairly pricey for being an unemployed “young’n” trying to make it “homesteading style”.

Since we have very similar trucks, I hope that we can help eachother with any issues we may have. Good luck!

yeah brian ill let you know and the barrels are going for 15 apiece here in upstate ny

ive seen and heard in a few videos that timing gets used how so ?


The timing needs to be advanced to run woodgas at full power. This is commonly done by rotating the distributor, or in some cases the computer figures it out automatically.

any chance you have any suggestions for items to add to my shopping list

parts list
This is a list of parts I used on my highly modified MEN gasifier

3 - 55 gal steel drums with lids for reactor outer shell and hopper
3 - 15 to 20 gal drums for first preheater and final filter
1 - 20 inch dia water heater tank for second preheater
1 - 16 by16 inch by 3/8 steel plate for grate
1 - 15 inch dia by 48 inch long steel tube for fire tube
1 - eight inch dia by 60 inch long steel tube first pass filter
1 - six inch dia by 50 inch long steel tube for outer shell of liquid cooled condenser
2 - 15 inch truck rims for reduction zone and top of hopper
9 - 1.25 inch by 40 inch long steel tubes for condenser flues
aprox 12 sq feet of 3/16 steel plate for flanges and covers
aprox 32 sq feet of 16 to 18 gauge steel sheet metal for heat shielding and rolling tubes
insulation as needed
10 lbs .023 mig wire
5 lbs 1/8" 6013 welding rod
2 1/2 lbs nickel rod for facing high heat area parts
50 cubic feet CO2 for mig
30 cubic feet argon for tig
cut off, grinding,wire and sanding wheels

MEN gasifier ?

The premium side of this site gets into all you need to know about building a gasifier that is by far a better mouse trap.

Hi Marshton,

We have a list of materials as part of the Premium area information on building the Keith gasifier. Dave’s list is to build the Mother Earth News gasifier. His parts list isn’t going to help you unless you want to build that exact gasifier. Generally you should be looking for 55 gallon drums with lids, water heater tanks, steel buckets with lids, sheet steel for welding, and so on.