Just getting started

Just bought a 1989 Chevy 3500 dually, 354, 60k miles runs great. Steel flatbed with a 5th wheel attachment and a great bumper for a hitch. The tires are good. Was gonna start with a small Dodge Dakota, but it was pricey and I bought this one for $1600. Any suggestions on first steps? Just getting started!

buy the book, and hey… welcome to the site

Start collecting parts, depending on how much you want to spend you might consider having sheet metal rolled instead of using barrels. With sheet metal you would have bolt together flanges. Would make it easier if you need to take apart for repair some time.

Good Morning Harold,

I see you have found all the videos for the construction so I would look those over good

The videos are for gasifying a small truck. If you will be gasifying a bigger truck you may want to scale up somewhat but you may be limited on the scale because of the containers that are available.
A truck your size and the gasifier that we have designed will work OK for around the farm use but will be under powered for on the road 60 mph and above.
I realize one has to use what he has but for my use I really like the multiport fuel injection systems.

You may want to follow David Orrell post. He is building a truck about the size of yours

Hi Harold, welcome here!

That’s a big truck you picked out. It won’t be a speed demon, but it will run down the road just fine. What are your plans for the truck?

Chris, I would like to pull a 5th wheel and do some traveling. I have a supply of sheet steel does thing have to be round. I have a plasma cutter and a good welding equpiment. I reading on the site and trying understand how it works. Also Indiana is good place for me as i am near St. Louis. I am a retired Elec. and worked construction part of life. I have worked with My hands a lot but this all very knew to me

Hello Mr. Harold,

Let me start with the question I think I can answer the easiest.
The fire tube must be round.
The fire tube housing will work best if it is also round.
On the rest of the gasifier I see no reason that it needs to be round.
There will be more flexing with flat material but I see no problem with that. My drum lids flex with each acceleration.
The gasifier must be made so it can be sealed at each connection.
Freezing condensate will have less stress on round material in a horizontal position.

The part of the question I may not be able to answerer is if you will be satisfied with the truck for it’s intended use.
A gasified vehicle works real well if you are using it in a given radius around home (wood pile)
A truck that size pulling a trailer is going to use a lot of wood.
I’m sure one can scale up a gasifier to produce enough gas but now comes the motor size and will it be big enough to utilize the gas.
A motor running on woodgas vs gasoline is like us eating cotton candy vs a sugar cube.
I hope I am not discouraging you but I wouldn’t want you to build a truck and it not perform as you hoped.

Just as an example my dakota works great on the road and has ample power all but for the steepest mountains. This video shows the dakota on gasoline going 0-95 in 20 seconds.

If one is planning a truck and trailer prospect working well at highway speeds on wood gas it would also need to have similar speeds as the video.
Again Harold, not trying to discourage but not wanting you to be disappointed.
I think your truck would work fine around home but not sure on the road pulling a trailer.

Here is a link with some more info. on sheet metal construction I have been using this design for a few years now and it is working good.
Good Luck with your new build. Sean