Keeping the Peace

You are now part of the most peaceful, focused and results oriented woodgas forum in internet history. This is not an accident, and we need your help to keep it this way. Here are some of the peacekeeping tools at your disposal:


How do you kill a troll? You don’t feed it. Simply ignoring a troublemaker is far easier than making a ruckuss, and it starves them of the one thing they want - attention. Maybe it’s not a troll but a topic you don’t like, or a discussion you’d rather not see in your topic list. There are a couple ways to ignore someone or something you don’t care for.

Mute a topic by going to the end, find the dropdown that says “Regular” and change it to “Muted”. You won’t be notified about it, and it won’t appear on the Unread tab, although it still appears on the latest post list.

Whole categories can be muted too, if you’re just not interested. Go to Categories > some category > in the right side there’s a dropdown, choose “Muted”. You won’t get notifications, and it will no longer appear in the unread tab or latest post list.

You can’t mute individual users, although you can certainly ignore them. If the person’s posts are so bad they can’t be ignored, simply flag them.


For clear violations, spam and other bad posts, you need to flag it. It’s a single click that says “this post is inappropriate”. With just a few people flagging a post, it will disappear until a moderator reapproves it. If your flag decision is upheld, you gain some trust. If it is vetoed by a moderator, you lose some trust. Use your best judgment, but don’t be afraid of this tool.


Sometimes a person may not be aware they are causing an issue. Rather than call them out publicly, you can often solve the issue by sending them a private message. This is especially true for disputes between two people. Be nice and try to see things from their side.

Contact Us

If all else fails… we’re here to help. Ask a moderator to step in and mediate the situation. You can contact us by email at [email protected], or through the PM system.


Just wanted to bump this back up for those who haven’t seen it.


Thanks for reminding of of this feature. That Muted thread thing works great!


I guess this would work good for people who call names when their tender little feelings get hurt.