Kevins 99 dakota rear frame build, and gasifier sub section gasifier install

Though this might not be a wk gasifier, Though most or many of the design came from the book - HAVE WOOD WILL TRAVEL - so i will leave out most of the details. The gasifier down by the driveshaft is my own design, since the frame rails got moved over, And i had too move rear axel too the right 2 or 3 inches. The drive shafr tunnel in the floor pan may need bending over a little bit, i desided too lower the gasifier beside the drive shaft, and put a gas tank behind the rear axel.

The inside of the burn tube housing has 1 inch ceramic blanket , and is covered with ss tin fron an old heat duck i flaten out.


Looking good! Lower gasifier means more hopper height! It’ll go for the long haul I’m sure.


THANKS Cody, and it might give it a little better weight center of gravity. I can burn more cheap pine, and get 50 miles hope fully on a hopper load.


This is my ceramic blanket gasifier, i tried covering the ceramic fiber with refractory cement, and had no luck getting the cement too stay in place, no matter how thick the cement was, Most i could get covered was about 1/3 of the blanket, before the cement would roll too the bottom, So i covered the blanket with thick water heater steel, about like the 100 pound propane tank steel. that should keep the fibers from floating down stream once it gets a few loads of wood run through it. I covered the water heater steel with thin layer of ss steel too hopefully extend the life of the ceramic blanket cover steel longer.

If this burn tube set up, melts down too fast i will install a Wayne Keith type burn tube with heat exchanger type design.


Getting a few steps forward and one or two backwards, Dakota in progress.

Think i am either going too shorten my heat exchanger or save it for a home generator gasifier unit,I plan on keeping this build below the roof line, and i must have fell asleep measuring, as i built her too tall for my plan.


I finished all but the top door hatch on shortening my heat exchanger, uniform same height as the hopper, I got too bend a door seal flange too match the top door plate. The leaf spring steel i welded too the top of heat exchanger housing, not as flat as i expected.


Not getting much done on dakota wood fueled truck, My garoge mess got the best of me, after it got so cluttered up with old nick nacks,and out dated car parts, that were half wore out, And since it got my working space down too standing room only, i had too clear out some room , so as not tripping over junk.ALL THOUGH i did get my heat exchanger shortened, ready too get the plumming going hopfully next week LORD WILLING. AND GOD BLESS DRIVE ON WOOD COMUNITY. Thanks for WAYNE KEITH and DOW comunity. A lot of man hours of from builers sharing design, and OPERATING EXPERIANCES. KNOWEGE, shared, quallity helpers HERE. at DOW.

I free up a lot of shelf space, organizing tubs of hardware and nick nacks not ready too scrap yet, i think i have about 7 ----55 gallon barrels toltal, space too reorganize, now i need too finnish my next trailer too pull behind my car, since my other trailer axel was bent from hauling a chevette too scrap yard with it , and the frame by the axel was rusting thin, it was looking not too road worthy. So i choped it in 8 pieces few days ago.I over loaded the trailer several times hauling scrap metal, I made it years ago out of 1-1/4" water pipe, with 1/2" pipe welded side racks, added too the strenth,it lasted about 8 too 10 years


Кевин, я смотрю не я один сварил раму к своей машине взамен заводской?


Yes definitely. In the Midwestern United States and up North they put salt on the roads to melt ice. Causes lots of rust for the poor automobiles.


Your cars have large volumes of engines and this is good for conversion to firewood, there will still be power left.


The other day i couldent find out why i could not get my vibe too spin cheching stoping distance, but then i reallized i was riding on a layer of salt cristals.


Yes thats the main reason using the smaller dakota trucks with 318 or 360 RT dakotas, still have power left too pull a small car hauling trailer, or a wood trailer. I think Wayne Keith pulls a wood trailer about 1000 miles every year with around 1000 pounds of wood plus his trailer, when he goes too Indiana for the wood gas meet up each year.I dont drive many v8 vehicles any more either, other than a wood powered v8 would be Much easier on the bank moneys.I had two other wood gas projects i powered up and they were good learning vehicles, a little low on power for sure. I got a 360 i might put in my 99 dakots, just for the extra power, probbly about the same fuel system. The bore is only about 1/8" bigger, I got better mpg with my 350 chevy than my 305 chevy truck, depending on condition of the motor.I might put some 11 to 1 compreasion pistons in the 360 dodge motor, if i can find a set cheap enough.


Hello Kevin. I reduced the combustion chamber, milled the head by 4 mm. And I did the ignition earlier. The engine capacity is 2.4 liters in total, 4 cylinders, lower camshaft. I make furniture at my company, I made almost all the machines myself. Here is the video Production of tables and chairs . Производство столов и стульев - YouTube . The boiler at the beginning was also made by myself, it heats a workshop of 1500 m2. And what do you do, where do you work?


Me i am retired,and will be 64 in june all goes well,lord willing I was planning on waiting till 65 or 67 years old ,untill coved hit, i was under the weather, running out of money. so retired early.I mostly work on fixing up washers and dryer-- car repair jobs, on the side the last 20 plus years, welded in a lot of small shops my first 20 working years, just welding tanks at clawson tank- too just loading parts in a jig and welding production line work.INFLATION IS KILLING Retireing now days since all the minimum wage raises, they allways seem too counter minimum wage raise with jacked up inflation, so we are not gaining a raise anyway.


Good looking furnitue, and well made machines you have made there, Nice Work.The only machine i have built from scratch, was my wood gasifier and wood chunker on my log in link or wacha call it. Other than the -WAYN KEITH BOOK- HAVE WOOD WILL TRAVEL. with a lot of good designs too work with too get building. lots of hours building and rounding up the best material possible.


That is beautiful furniture you are making Dmitry. Totally impressed.


Got some more modifications changed on my dakota-, YESTERSAY-
i made hopper out of water heater- after i pulled the barrel to fix the funnel , had not steep enough funnel so i fixed funnel location ,and put my other top on the hopper, and made two long 6" by 45 inch long hopper cooling tubes with seperate built in drains. silconed the hoppers and heat exchanger lid seals. building the ash clean out door on back of the dakota bed area.


I think i repaired or repaced frame sections on half dozen vehicles over the years- unibody and full frame trucks- I usually get them dirt cheap and find out later the frames were ready too go in one place or another- I probley should have junked this dakota and salvaged all the drive train- a lot of hours rebuilding lining stuff back up. being it is wood gas ,i made use of lowering the units down 4 to 7 " lower- IT will be probley 600 pounds heavier than the light 95 dakota’s - IThough i had to move driverside frame rail over, i welded my 2-1/4" thick wall square tube to the outside of the dakota frame rail and plated the two together,and added gusseting. should be able too make the speed limit and enter the free way with out petro- i will be happy- pulling a trailer i can allways hybrid adding a little petro dialing back the the maltiport injection system, as the WK book plans show how.


Well i got my experimental hopper smoke cooling rack hooked up- and added some clean out ports on the plumming since i ran my plumming ware it could plug with ash over time ,hopfully it gets over 100 miles before needing ash cleaning in the plumming.

Back Too Work, Finally got around too building a cold air inlet pipe adaptor to the bottom heat exchanger pipe–I probley got to get farther from the heat exchanger or the pusher fan will get too hot while not in use- back to the book i gess.
OK i got a pipe for the vacuem blowers and a reverse blower size to fit my fan plumming.


A few more pics of my dakota set up fixing rust holes near the cab tubing NA, i mean i sanded th frame good both sides and coated with rosin and hardener boat epoxy- will see how well it stays on the frame after flexing-hopefully-Its clean for now. AND A PIC of my MUFFLER heat exchanger welded to the bed to support it up.Now that i mention that- I need a peice of flex tubing i have out the exaust crossover pipe can move with the motor mounts.
IMG_20230806_090842 AND my welder wire feed quite so i put a pwm DC motor speed controler to the motor wires 24 volts and riged the wire to my battery charger- till i ordered a 24 volt inverter and bigger pwm controler,to hook up when it gets here from amizon–that little pwm was border line big enough- though it works great/ better than the one i had on the welder-I keep thinking my wire was sticking to the tip and it has been my wire feed circut board half the time- ahhhh.
IMG_20230806_084633THOSE 1200 $ eastwood 250 mig welder sure look tempting to buy with there 100 percent DUTY CYCLE at 192 AMPS- THOUGH i dought i could fix an inverter type mig mostly all circuit boards.And the wire feed only pulls 10 pound spools max mig wire rolls.________ haven’t got around to fix welder wire feed yet but got a lot of sanding primer and viper red paint stuck on it ---- paint is viper red from clark paint supply.with hardener.


BY the time i put the hay filter back in location-i have too build a 2.1/4" deck over my gas tank filler ext.- then i can still get a washer/fridge/ dryer in the back of pickup bed- I allso have a trailer hitch deck strong enough for washer and dryer- for deliveries-when needed.ONE cab corner and rocker pannel to fix yet,and one left fener in pic i had to weld some metal back in. And paint cab and fenders a little shineola viper red and nearly ready to drive , after all the gauge work is installed-LAST RUSTY TRUCK for me to rebuild, FOR A WHILE, i am running out of steel and TIME to wood gas drive.THIS one should last ten years anyway-hopefully i will be here when it wears out-and i have another one built to replace it. LORD WILLING and the flash fires simmer down.