Kevins 99 dakota rear frame build, and gasifier sub section gasifier install

Though this might not be a wk gasifier, Though most or many of the design came from the book - HAVE WOOD WILL TRAVEL - so i will leave out most of the details. The gasifier down by the driveshaft is my own design, since the frame rails got moved over, And i had too move rear axel too the right 2 or 3 inches. The drive shafr tunnel in the floor pan may need bending over a little bit, i desided too lower the gasifier beside the drive shaft, and put a gas tank behind the rear axel.

The inside of the burn tube housing has 1 inch ceramic blanket , and is covered with ss tin fron an old heat duck i flaten out.


Looking good! Lower gasifier means more hopper height! It’ll go for the long haul I’m sure.


THANKS Cody, and it might give it a little better weight center of gravity. I can burn more cheap pine, and get 50 miles hope fully on a hopper load.


This is my ceramic blanket gasifier, i tried covering the ceramic fiber with refractory cement, and had no luck getting the cement too stay in place, no matter how thick the cement was, Most i could get covered was about 1/3 of the blanket, before the cement would roll too the bottom, So i covered the blanket with thick water heater steel, about like the 100 pound propane tank steel. that should keep the fibers from floating down stream once it gets a few loads of wood run through it. I covered the water heater steel with thin layer of ss steel too hopefully extend the life of the ceramic blanket cover steel longer.

If this burn tube set up, melts down too fast i will install a Wayne Keith type burn tube with heat exchanger type design.


Getting a few steps forward and one or two backwards, Dakota in progress.

Think i am either going too shorten my heat exchanger or save it for a home generator gasifier unit,I plan on keeping this build below the roof line, and i must have fell asleep measuring, as i built her too tall for my plan.


I finished all but the top door hatch on shortening my heat exchanger, uniform same height as the hopper, I got too bend a door seal flange too match the top door plate. The leaf spring steel i welded too the top of heat exchanger housing, not as flat as i expected.


Not getting much done on dakota wood fueled truck, My garoge mess got the best of me, after it got so cluttered up with old nick nacks,and out dated car parts, that were half wore out, And since it got my working space down too standing room only, i had too clear out some room , so as not tripping over junk.ALL THOUGH i did get my heat exchanger shortened, ready too get the plumming going hopfully next week LORD WILLING. AND GOD BLESS DRIVE ON WOOD COMUNITY. Thanks for WAYNE KEITH and DOW comunity. A lot of man hours of from builers sharing design, and OPERATING EXPERIANCES. KNOWEGE, shared, quallity helpers HERE. at DOW.

I free up a lot of shelf space, organizing tubs of hardware and nick nacks not ready too scrap yet, i think i have about 7 ----55 gallon barrels toltal, space too reorganize, now i need too finnish my next trailer too pull behind my car, since my other trailer axel was bent from hauling a chevette too scrap yard with it , and the frame by the axel was rusting thin, it was looking not too road worthy. So i choped it in 8 pieces few days ago.I over loaded the trailer several times hauling scrap metal, I made it years ago out of 1-1/4" water pipe, with 1/2" pipe welded side racks, added too the strenth,it lasted about 8 too 10 years