Lab needs supply of woodgas condensate

Hi All,

I’ve been contacted by Mr James at Eden Solutions. He’s looking for a source of pyroligneous acid, ie. woodgas condensate (most likely hopper condensate). No plastic or trash please, this must be pure wood vinegar.

Is anyone in the North Carolina area in a position to get them some for testing? If it’s useful to them, they may want a bunch of it, and willing to pay. We might need to stop pouring out a newly valuable resource!

I’ve invited Mr James to come on here personally and join the discussion.

That sure sounds interesting.

To the best of my understanding, hopper condensate is full of PAH’s (Poly Alophatic Hydrocarbons) which are generally carcinogetic. I generally dump small amounts of it on gravel shoulders as I travel. No worse than all the diesel fumes, leaking gas tanks, and the asphalt they put on the highway … Johan in Sweden knows quite a bit about it but we haven’t heard from him in quite a while … The condensate we get after gasification and charcoal filtering etc. from the condenser is relatively safe and I have used it as liquid smoke to make jerky and the such. Why go to the store and buy it. M

Chris, I would like to see results from both the hopper and cooling rack.

Thank You; for your time, effort and energy with this request. I am not sure if this is where I am supposed to be on the site to reply? We are looking for pyroligneous acid for further testing in our lab for certain agriculture situations. If this works as we hope and believe it will, we will be willing to have producers collect the ‘pure’ acid and fill a barrel(s) or tote(s) we can supply them and we would have FedEx freight pick them up. Please respond with any questions to; [email protected] or 877-732-5360 ext 103. Sincerely, james

Thanks for commenting James. I’d be glad to supply you mine, anything is surely preferable to dumping it on the ground.

If someone from the NC area steps forward we can get you a sample. Might end up shipping it though. I know USPS doesn’t permit shipping liquids.

A list of the known woodgas vehicles and locations is here:

Well nobody else stepped forward here - I’ll push the ball to see if it can roll. I’ve just sent a few samples to the lab, we’ll see what they come up with.

Sample from hopper: Wood vinegar sample for lab - YouTube

Sample from rear condensate, fizzing with hopper: Woodgas condensate fizzing - YouTube

Hoping to get at least an answer to why it fizzes. We’ll see!

Thanks Chris.
I’m glad you are sending both of them. I am very curious to see what they come up with. I hope they do some fractional distillation and see if there is still some usefulness left in there and what we can do with them.

That fizzing would be from the basic filter condensate and the acidic hopper juice. I always mix mine before I dump to neutralize.

I hope to have some very soon. Ask them if they want some “southern H/W” samples as well. I intended to light it off last night, but had a hay filter leak to deal with. Tonight’s the night.

Curiosity got me… I took a short surf around the web googling “pyroligneous acid.”
Valuable stuff - if you know what to do with it.

I plan on saving up mine, until I figure it out. Or, until somebody makes me an “offer I can’t refuse”.


Can’t wait for the video Carl.
Wow Al, you got a lot further in your quest than I did. I also tried to look this up but came up empty handed. I too plan on saving mine because I believe there’s a lot of energy in it. Thanks for sharing.

This thread got me searching, too. I found that folks in Japan and elsewhere are fighting mites with wood vinegar. I’ve got grapevines with mite problems. Yesterday I diluted some hopper condensate 5 times with water and sprayed it on several effected grapevines. The mites are still crawlling today, so i have mixed up a stronger brew today. We’ll see what happens. Maybe the brew has to be weaker. Maybe this. Maybe that. I’m also testing it as a deer repellant on the squash and watermellons.

if somebody wants mine just figure how to pick up I make gallons .moist wood must be good for something.


This company intends to use the wood vinegar to make a product that they will be selling for a PROFIT. Under no circumstances should anyone be GIVING them this material. If they want it they must PAY for it - everyone should assume this position immediately.

I’ll dump every last drop before I GIVE any of it away, everyone else should plan to do the same. We are on the precipice here folks, let’s not set any precedents that will bite us later. Sell trucks, BioChar and Wood Vinegar at
fair prices. Once you set a precedent of giving things away it becomes nearly impossible to reverse that trend down the road.

This is the reward for all of the hard work that goes into building and operating one of our trucks. Driving for free is quite a perk, but do not overlook the profitability of the waste by-products, as they have marketable value!

Good point Greg.
There also has to be a demand for this. I feel that there may be a certain quality for this of which is probably going to be tested. I have reason to believe the quality coming from a properly built unit will provide them a grade that is needed for their products. Therefor we’ll be able to make the demands and hold out for a price when the time comes. As the DOW list grows and product becomes more available, we will then have some leverage to establish a fair market value. The same has happened with used fryer oil. Has been historically disposed of until someone finds a use for it. Now one can get paid by the pound. There are people actually getting arrested for stealing used cooking oil. The demand has been established.

Today, I got serious. I sprayed full strength hopper condensate on the grape leaves deformed with mite galls. And sure enough, the mites either bailed out or perished trying. Under the microscope there still seem to be a lot eggs inside the galls. I will watch to see how they fare in their new environment. Of course I’ll keep an eye out to see how the vines themselves do… Don’t worry there aren’t any grapes on these vines this year. Perfect season for experimenting.

Actually found a price for this stuff. I guess you can find anything on Alibaba…

They’re getting $1.50 per liter, minimum order is 500 liters. I think we should be asking at least that much. Anyone else with some bulk pricing info?

EDIT: Here’s Bamboo vinegar for $2-4 per liter:

That’s awesome Chris.
So there may be a chance of us getting paid to drive on wood? Good digging. I didn’t even think to check.

some serious habits with that kind of money!