Land Rover V8 first attempt

So after just over a year researching this I am about to attempt my first one.
I prefer to research stuff to death before starting. Makes the learning curve a little cheaper.
I am also limited to what I can get locally so will be using 48 ltr propane bottles and a few large old compressors.

Thanks to all who have helped with advice and helped clarify some question I had. Hopefully I am on the right track with my sizing to match my engine. 3.5 V8 with a 8.13 : 1 compression.
Going to be using a circular air inlet with ten nozzles 1\2" npt with plumbing parts so I can change orifice size as needed.
The circular inlet is easy for me. I am a Blacksmith so can easily bend thick wall shed pipe filled with sand and welded closed in my forge. The sand helps the pipe keep its shape when bending. It will also be a drop in system that can be easily repaired or have parts replaced.
Hopefully the drawing makes sense


Looks good!

The air inlet is coming from outside the gasifier, right? Hard to tell in a 2 dimensional drawing.

Will the gasifier be hanging off the back of the Rover or in a trailer?

Also, I like that you’re pointing the nozzles upwards, Joni would approve for sure.

With your 1/2" parts I would maybe jet them down using some 1/2" to 3/8" bushings with that many nozzles.

Make sure you can remove and replace that restriction plate in the case you need to downsize or upsize it. Personally I would go a hair smaller and cut it bigger later on.


Thanks Cody.
Yup Nozzles were from Joni’s post. Been doing a lot of reading here.
Restriction plate will probably start off at 5 " and will be removable.
It’s the distance from Nozzle to restriction plate that I am a little unsure of so that whole air inlet system will be adjustable up or down too.
Disco ones are heavy and I already have a roof rack on so it will have to be a trailer. Will build the gasifier and then build the trailer around the gasifier with the trailer being part of the cooling system. Trailer will be short and light. Probably less than 500 Kgs loaded.
Vehicle will probably average 55mp/h on the freeways so not to concerned about reaching the speeds that you guys aim for.


55mp/h is very realistic and respectable. For the longest time the maximum speed limit for US highways was 55, only in the recent decades has it gone up to 60, 65, 70 mph.

My 2 Liter worn out Mazda made it to 50 on charcoal so I’m sure your 3.5L can make it to 55. I bet your SUV body weighs as much as the truck’s body was.

The main reason for my building the gasifier is for the imminent implosion in SA. I keep my car full at all times and keep 4 jerry cans on standby.
That can only get me 700 kms.
I am hoping a well built gasifier can get me across the country or at least to safety when our grid does collapse and fuel becomes unavailable.
Currently we have 4 hrs load shedding each day. Other places up to ten hours a day.
For me this is a matter of practical survival in a country on the brink of chaos.
So if 55 mph is realistic then 30mph on back roads and off road is a given and I am happy with that.


Hey Tim .

Have you read through Patrick Johnson thread yet ?


Not yet Wayne. But I have heard of him and his sawmill. Actually have his video from you tube and his article in the Farmers weekly but was never able to find any more info on him. Appreciate the link. Will have a look later this evening.


Tim .

Below are some threads you may like to read over .


Thanks Wayne. I have been following Marcus for some time now. His work is outstanding and I must admit to some envy when I look at his workshop. Nice to finally see what he kept so well hidden :joy:


I wish it was my shop, im just lucky to have free reign over the shop at work. At home im working in gravel and the weather like anybody else


Just goes to show perception is not always true.
I had a awesome shop. Had to sell everything during the lockdowns. Can’t complain though. Forced me out of my comfort zone and I would never have discovered wood gas otherwise. Or built my first engine either so yeah, gravel and weather make for thinking outside the box.
Appreciate your answering when I commented on your YouTube vids.