Large dial analog thermometers

A local auction company is auctioning a boxful of new thermostats with 5 1/2 inch dial faces Thursday June 6 2013. These will read up to 550 deg. F . They have quite a long probe that would work OK in the cooling rails but might be hard to protect in the hopper. There are 40 pieces in the boxful and I can’t use them all so I have 2 questions. How do you think these would work in our systems? And would anyone be interested in sharing some of these if the price was right - say + or - $15?
Don Mannes

Hi DonM
These thermometers woulds work for well for direct reading hopper temperatures also.
Put me down for two please.
Steve Unruh

Hi Don,
Put me down for two or three.

Well, I was the successful bidder on the thermostats and they will come in at about $5 my total cost so if I can find a way to ship them for $5 I can offer them for $10. I will pick them up next week.
Don Mannes
PS They are 5 inch faces - not 5 1/2 inch like I first said.

I’m interested in four.

Don: I’d be interested in 1-2 but currently have 0$ available and don’t use paypal etc so I don’t know how I’d pay you once I did get moneys. :stuck_out_tongue:

id like a couple if we can arrange shipment to canada… meassage me when you get them and we’ll try to work something out… thanks

Don, looks like they would fit in one of the USPS boxes. “If it fits, It ships”.
I would like two. I will pay thru PayPal or any other way you want.

Chris T

I hope I didn’t get anybody’s hopes up too high on the thermometers because this ended up to be a NO SALE. When I went to pick them up the box count was not right and the units were not as advertised online so I gracefully bowed out of the bid. Thanks for the interest.
Don Mannes

No problem.
Not as good of a price and high shipping on the first one but these look the same.
Thanks for trying.

Thanks for trying Don,
I just got my new truck for the build today,so it will be awhile before I will need then.
I had a 95 dakota SLT transported from Ca. to Wi. ,no rust,it was like Xmas in June when I got it.
I’ll post some pictures some.

it happens… and it’s all good… hopefully something will turn up sooner or later