Length and meaningfulness of some thread subjects

Maybe I’m the only one with this thought—

Some of the threads have gone on for many months. And many times the current posts have drifted significantly from the original topic. Also, subjects such as “hello there” don’t give much of a hint about content anyway.

Would there be any way to “archive” or close threads for additional comments in a way that would still encourage folks to keep posting, but with relevant subject lines?

Pete Stanaitis


I’d love to see the person who starts each thread be given moderator privileges so they could delete unrelated or unwanted posts - I.E. weather reports, what I had for dinner, etc etc…

We all get caught up in a bull session from time to time but inevitably some threads become so convoluted it’s difficult to impossible to figure out what it was originally about. Only the threads author knows the intended intent for the topic so they should be able to remove posts they feel don’t belong in the thread. Never mind new members who can’t find anything or make heads or tails out of what’s here.

I also like the amazon review system where you can select if the review was helpful or not and those that are deemed unhelpful by the masses are minimized. They can still be expanded and read but they are displayed minimized when loaded. That would be a great option for posts in the forums…

Thread authors moderate and remove unwanted/unrelated content with group voting on the relevance on all remaining content in the thread…

I may be part of the “problem”.

  1. There appears to be room for about 50+ characters in the Subject line when you start a new thread. But, it appears that only about the first 20 characters or fewer show up in the “Last post” column. And that’s what I look at to find the “latest” topic.
    So, even though I may type in a subject, If I don’t put the absolutely KEY words right up front, people like me (if there are any) won’t know what I’m talking about.

  2. Is it true that, if I don’t type in a subject, the system picks out the first few words of the post to put there?

If the above, or part of it is true, then I need to get a lot better at wordsmithing the subject AND NEVER forget to fill that space in.

Please, please, if I’m wrong, do straighten me out.

Pete Stanaitis

I was or maybe still am a moderator on the Yahoo group only I can’t do anything there via my wood burning computers and phone dialup. Chris Saenz started a “What else is going on” topic. Maybe it’s just time to do a “what else is going on 2” topic and start fresh ?? Quite honestly I think Chris is the only one that manages this site. If he was in a car wreck tomorrow or lost his marbles this site would be gone in short order unless he has arranged for things to continue. I certainly don’t wish this on him or anybody. Victory Gas Works had a very large following and everything was moderated by Ben P. It got to be unprofitable for him so he went and made Chris Seymour web master and then closed the site within days … That Chris is thinking big. I’m happy to personally know both Chris’ … Growing pains … Regards, Mike LaRosa

I’ll try and address a few of these concerns.

  • Thread titles are only as good as you make them. No character limit, even on the “what’s new”. (reply titles are limited to 64 characters) As Henry states, the original poster needs to decide what it’s about and what they’re adding to that thread.

  • Long threads are perfectly OK by me, but if you like we can “refresh” them occasionally by making a Part 2. Obvious candidates would be “Deals on Wheels” and “What else is going on”. Some forums have a monthly “anything” thread.

  • Topic drift is a perennial problem. There’s an off-topic section for a reason. For some topics where there’s a clear break, i.e. new discussion, I will split it into a new thread. You can request this anytime.

  • Given the site’s current software setup I can’t give individuals moderation power over their own threads. Sorry. The upvoting system is a good idea, just haven’t had time.

  • The reply subject lines are a “new” feature that will auto-fill from your post text. Or you can add a subject line. (Technically it was always there, I had it hidden before.)

  • Far as this site goes, I’m flying solo. If I get run over by a bus tomorrow, you guys will be coasting on auto-pilot until you find a new webmaster (among other things!). I have emergency backups just in case.

Thanks for your reply, and for confirming some of what I had observed, Chris.
I personally accept the responsibility for the relevance of the subject line of my own posts from now on.

Pete Stanaitis

Hi Chris Saenz, Thanks for piping in. I have an old friend named Steve R and we joke “I’ll go to your funeral if you’ll go to mine” … I don’t know if you watch(ed) the Twilight Zone but we “grew up” with it … “Next stop Willoughby” … Glad to hear you have a backup plan. Ben P hung the other Chris out to dry and he sure didn’t deserve that. I hope you guys get to meet some day. I planned my trip to the Kansas get together just to be able to meet Chris Seymour at his home in Kansas City in the morning. He then made it to the get together and the rest is history. Mike L

Recommend deleting all but most recent 2 pages of this, no longer valid - just eating up disk space

Hi Henry,

I approach deleting with great trepidation - let’s just archive it. Disk space is cheap. I’ll close it and open a new one.

Ha! Ha! Well fellows you want me to send you some excellent Oregon Rouge Valley, coastal Bandon or Tillamook cheeses to go with these Whines? Everything must balance out especially strong flavors.

Anyone wishing to soapbox Blog here AdminChris has enabled a whole personal blog section each can set up for themselves. Nope he cannot by the mechanics of the Drupal give you abilty to edit others responces posts onto that. I asked. He told me he would edit remove by request anything the Blog originator there wanted. Edit/remove. Not moderate. Not content change. And ONLY there. Anything you put up on open topic threads you ARE asking for commented feedbacks.
On the DOW you are even allowed perpetual go back on your own topics posts to edit correct and clarify. NO APL; and VictoryGW 15 minute lock-ins! No live with it now FOREVER like on Yahoo and Google and the repp. and all others woodgas content sites. With a pleaded, on your knees, forced, crying, request the may or may not be acknowleged by some site aloof Admin. I do NOT do that forced on my knees in front of mens thing without causing blood. Sorry. Just not on my nature. I’ll bite.

Very wise of you PeterS to realize that the DOW topic originator is/was primarily responsible for setting that topics tone, and direction; and especially that topics pace. There: and particularly on a personal projects thread YOU the Originator can just ask someone to tune-it-out, tone-it-down please here on the DOW. I was asked this once on open DOW site. I did. Been asked that several other times in DOW PM’s. I did.
Anyone not honoring this really lays themselves out to be a social pariah asshole. They stink. To be snore, ignored.

I on slow loading 42-55 kps dial-up I really do not understand this too long of thread whi/complaining.
DOW site mechanics takes you easily, rapidly to the last topics page groupng and even directly to just the last of that threads new comment posted up. I let the long running ones of little interest to me just stack up unopened, and occasioanly “new comment” download and reset going off off tending to something else.
It IS those insisting on megabites smartphones stills pictures camera downloads THAT slows me to minutes wasted sometimes.
Really kilobites pictures as just fine here. Noboby will need the high-fidelity to blow up scrutinized your welding! Why would you want this?
OK so that is MY WHINE.

MikeL you of all should know we; and especially this internet stuff are always just one breathed breath to the next.
One figgin’ solar flare cluster and all of the backups will be trapped stored s-o-m-e-w-h-e-r-e. Just like an old eight track audio tape. Still there, but inaccessible.
I too know both Chris’s well. Know Ben Peterson well. Know Jim Mason well. I know them certainly well enough none of them want this dirt dragging out in the open again, and again, and again. We who were bruised, who Whine about this should do this in personal one on one exchanged e-mails and phone call. New to the DOW real DOer folks just wanna’ make some woodgas, not social gas.
These directs slingings turn the DOW into the repp. site with all of it’s personal attacks and character assignations encourged and allowed for “peer review” bloodsport. Voyeurism. Jack Humphry’s <=> Klien mugslingings trying to drag All in to their sides choosing. BOTH slamming Doug Williams as just a “welders helper”. And DougW standing aside all of the crap; plugging along; putting up his simplified philosophy and woodgas power systems: “Grow your own fuel wood trees.” “Make a simple chunked wood gasifer system.” “Make up a simple hand powered chunking/cutting system” “Evolve just enough cooling and filtering out of site/local materials to make it IC piston engine run for your needs for power.” So simple and direct. Too easy for too many. To many even here on the DOW. DougW not ever having been the over ed-u-ma-cated geek has become quite the up-from-the-bootstraps real in this today world usaeble woodgas ENGINEER. He has put more workinging systems and woodgas shaft horsepower onto the face of the planet then these other two always diverted and distracted with thier chests bumpings, and thumpings.
Mike when you are you; with your own works; and DYI helping encouraging are ON! You are the American Doug Williams.
I honor this Mike LaRosa. THE GUY saying first go EFI for vehicle woodgas!! And then DOing, proving it!

Come on guys . . .
In the words of that great late 20th century social commutator, “Can’t we all just get along together?” Rodney King
Yes MikeL I know I am the pot on this . But even I did “shine up”.

Let’s just all shine up, eh?
Steve Unruh

Oh. Let me add AdminChris’s DOW Whine expressed to me:
he really thinks the site needs a better searchable by key word capability.

Puzzles me. I think the search function here work better than any other, any topic sites that I have used.

So any of you modern, quick minded, many fingers using, who want to actually be a part of DOW systems improvement quit just hands sitting and ask ChrisKY how you can help out with his words search classifications project.

Steve Unruh

I agree with you Chris, Deletion risks are far greater then someone being bored with other peoples Lifes and or Questions

Steve, You are the best. I laughed out loud at your " would you like some cheese with that whine". I appreciate your knowledge and experience and your willingness to share it with oldtimers and newbie’s alike. And you have the balls to just say what you are thinking.
Three cheers for Steve U!!