Les Carter Cone Forming

Hi All
Six months ago member Les Carter put up this YouTube of his DYI tool and measuring/layout system to make cones:

Slip rollers are nice if you are going to be roll forming a lot, but for just one off DYI work they are $/effort overkill.
Hat’s off to you for putting this up LesC.
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Steve Unruh

I built one if anyone needs more pics. It works great! It was my first welding project, with a stick welder. Not pretty but it works great.

Agreed, If you plan on making lots of cones get or build a slip roller. But for a hobby stick with whats simple. Sorry guys my plate is way over full. Ill do what I can to get some pics tonight. It would be hard to make a set of plans for my roller. You will need to design it around the gears that you can get.

I saved this picture of a poor man’s roll former but never built it. I don’t remember who posted it or on what web site but I think it would work in a pinch.
Don M

Post them up Chris… video link did work for me Steve :frowning:

This is the right link to my forming tool.