Life goes on - Summer 2020

For those you have to keep a good parts list…
My Allis Chalmers D15 is one of those started as 2 different tractors I bought one simply to get the forward reverser. But it has tricked me a few times trying to get repair parts.
Infact it is high on my project list again for repairs.


Feels good to see that close to wartime preparations still are possible. Less urgent matters cancelled at hospitals and the number of intensive care beds increasing. Auto part manufactures making ventilators. And on today’s news Absolut Vodka produces hand sanitizer :smile:


This worked fine for me so far…
One sip every 5 minutes untill any kind of complaints are vannished


In America, i’m not sure about all of America, but so far many parts have schools and plenty of businesses shut down, as of now, schools are moving all learning online. Shutting down schools and businesses would’ve done something a couple weeks ago, but it doesn’t help as much now as it would have then.


It’s all a balancing act. High schools and universities work online now, but children still go to school. It would create an even worse mess if all parents were forced to stay home from work to care for their children. Fortunately children seem to handle this virus well.


Unfortunately the children will also transmit the virus around the community to all their parents. I think a full shutdown of schools is critical to slowing the spread. Look to China, Tiawan and South Korea. The approach they took was drastic compared to the western world but China has now been 24 hours with no new domestic case. They have has something like 10 from people returning to china but have those people isolated from what I have heard. Same with Tiawan. South Korea is still chasing hot spots from people who escaped their lockdown. But Asia learned from H1N1 that you have to act quickly. The BBC radio was interviewing someone from Tiawan this morning. They said something along the lines of the western world values it’s freedom so much. I think they will pay a high price for it. We in Tiawan know how to protect ourselves. I don’t remember the exact quote but having spent 18 months in Tiawan it hit me hard as oh crap they are saying we really screwed up and they know it. It was very classic Asian overly polite criticism.


Spring has come, a bit early too.
The poor winter conditions kept me out of the shop nearly all winter, I could not even open the door because of a nasty frost heave ( and some mobility issues too and i was scared to fall on the ice )

Now I am stuck in the house wondering what to do next.
Shop is full of projects I could putter with but I don’t want to leave the house to look for parts, and to be honest I am scared to spend any money

Hounds are shaved.
I got that done this week.
I wonder how long we are going to be like this in a holding pattern?



Krivulja poteka virusa

The curve of the virus part


Here is a way to get our minds off the worlds problems for a bit.


I have no talent for any kid of musical instrument. Kind of wish I did.

My Dogs have squeaky toys ( wife hates the noise but I love playing with them ).
Dogs and I have a ball I squeak and hide them ect ect…
They lay at my feet making noises trying to induce into a game of hide and go freak.
Anyhow ever since I saw this I have been trying to play a tune on a squeaky toy and the wife just can’t stand it…

Yes it makes me fell a whole lot better about everything, I do think I will end up in a divorce though if I have to spend too much more time inside HA HA.
I should make a video of just this, dogs want that chicken on the computer.


Someone I forgot who said their septic backed up the other day. Well mine backed up today. I called to get it pumped the company told me we just got off the phone with the sewer treatment plant and they are not allowing us to dump on account of CV19. I said oh great my toilet is backed up and the tank definitely needs to be pumped. They called back about 30 minutes later said they had gotten a special exemption to pump my tank as an emergency.
Then after the tank which was definitely in need of pumping was cleaned out the line leaving the house was plugged. I couldn’t snake it from the inside as it is an old cast iron line with a right angle and 2 90s plus about 15 feet to the clean out you can remove in plastic. Lord knows I wasn’t going to remove the old cast iron leaded access plug.
So I ended up having to call a plumber. Turns out it was an easy fix if I was just smart enough to dig up the outside. But anyway talk about a bad time to have to hire someone for a dirty job.


Some jobs are worth paying for.
Poo is one of them…

When I was younger and starting out I had a job fixing pumps.
I still cringe when I think about the smells and horrors of taking part pumps from flooded sewage treatment plant every spring.
City fixed the flooding eventually expanded the plant.
But that smell of poo, and torches and steam cleaning poo and such I could go on.
But I won’t.

Ya I will pay someone to deal with poo.


Yea that is one of the true EMERGENCY items.
Moms will not allow any sitting in the recliner and TV until the toilet can flush without backing up into the tub


5 years ago and 23 years prior to that, a septic system or a sewer line smelled like a paycheck for me.


Look what our cat just caught. How is that even possible??


I wouldn’t want to mess with that cat for sure.


Kristijan, That kitty cat is a keeper for sure!! Got that egg-stealing -chick killing varmint!!

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Where did your chart data come from?

I am looking for the graph projections for Canada and the US, but having difficulty finding anything.

Hey Kristijan, if you prepare the fur you can mend your pants with it :smile: :smile: :smile:

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This site has all the data you need. Dont take it face value it is loaded with links, it is the best there is out there.