Life goes on - Summer 2020

JO; Do you think he is going into politics or “ministeri”?
My take on this virus is— I am protecting ME and MY OWN. If others want to believe this is some consperisy ploy and ignore the warnings-- so be it. I wear a mask when in public, and I try to stay my distance from people when I do have to go out, and probably one main thing is stay out of crowded space— When Trump/Pience came to our neighborhood, I would have liked to listened to them in person, but not at the cost of being in a crowd of both supporters and protesters. One thing that I haven’t been able to do is avoid people from down south where the virus is a lot stronger,coming up north for the weekend and coming over to visit. Most of them have learned that sitting under our shade tree is mush cooler and there is always a breeze on our hill; much better than in our house. TomC


I used fence post to pry fence away so I could cut log with out hitting fence


Lol . ! Please no Jo . I can not imagine why anyone would want a job in politics. It seems an impossible place to win. If you ever get a chance to vote for me, please don’t. Lol.

I know what you meant. And I agree with you. In fact, I should also say that I believe many more of us would be less in financial trouble if we weren’t so materialistic and having to have so much cash just to stay floating. But that’s my faith talking, not my politics. So to each his own on that one I guess.
That said, lots of people here with real fears that there are forces at work trying to take what they have. (Liberty) That easily results in strong reaction… Right or wrong.

Carl. That’s a good point about car crashes. Could probably also throw in work accidents etc. For non essential workers.

Hey Tom. Are you talking about real southerners coming up your way or just folks from Chicago?

Jo. We were also talking about the long term effects on life from shut downs. We were thinking about all the elaborate funerals, weddings, graduation ceremonies, church services etc that many will probably decide they don’t actually need. People learning how to cook again. Not going out to eat so much. Recreational shopping. Etc.


Yup… a good blend of fat and meat…, Red and Blue, etc…

A good leadership would focus on preventing and solving the problems, after that do the who’s to blame game…

A politician … well, the blaming the others comes for the people isn’t it ?

Everywhere are different opinions, different situations, different solutions…

I don’t judge the words spoken… i look to the actual deeds and results… the trend that it goes…

I have heared stupid words in my life, some spoken by myself…
I have seen stupid things in my life, some done by me…

Overall, i know a lot of good people in the world…

Its not about left or right, not about right or wrong… life is about just and fair… or, as some may perceive it, unjust and unfair…

yup… that is the root of the problem… the wrong direction… but how to change ? There are a lot of words for it, in the air…

The late King of Thailand teached: if you have sufficient , then leave some for the others… don’t crave more then you need if it means that others suffer …


A lot of things ongoing , daily adjusted… overall financial aid, government payouts for poor people, delayed mortages repayments for the time being, high degree of free health care…

yes, life is difficult, but the burden is more spread… society is a bit different over here…


As usual - different. Your friends in Congo are probably still not not too dependent on international finance. Cancelled ceremonies and church services wouldn’t bother us Swedes much.

But also too early to tell for sure. Different parts of the world are in different stages of the spread. Sweden was back to below avarage death rates a week ago. Some parts of the world just got started and financial realities hit them before the virus did.

What we can already see here, things that will probably change forever, are about travelling habits, meetings and home work. Shut down airlines and empty office buildings but less sick leave, increasing meeting attendance (over the internet), punctuality and overall higher efficiancy.

Again - time will tell.


Yes, I am thinking the same. When are you doing the right thing as politician? Never get a compliment, always someone is complaining, not my job. Government did a good job overhere, but there are still people demonstrating that Covid is not existing but just another flue. That can make me angry. I won’t let that, it is only my own world that concerns me.


I looked into grain elevator . There is something in there .

I did get tree down from roof


Well said Billy. We are doing well here in the U.S. Koen .


Old grainery for cleaning seed grain .

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Had a massive rainstorm yesterday. I knew it will be bad even before it happened, l have a army of weather girls!

Notice the shear fear for life they have just before the storm. Hide for their life.

It realy is amazing how accurete they are in weather forecast, l often trust them more thain meteorologists. Takes some time to learn the sighns thugh. And allso one sign is agressive stinging if you get in hove proximity :smile:


Built this incubator from an old refrigerator. Trying some duck eggs that was given to us.


I heard the farm has sold seed , in some long ago .


Al, be sure to let them cool down for 15 min a day on the last week and spray with water in the mean time or you will be dissapointed. Duck and geese eggs are tricky to hatch…


Finally the Seattle police allowed to clean out the 3 week occupation of 6 blocks and a police substation

What an embarrassing fiasco! Hopefully some socialist city managers can be removed.


Kristijan, you must have a brain like a sponge. You seem to know something about everything!


Don, I agree. Mine seems to be made of teflon - nothing sticks :crazy_face:


Yes MichealG, crazy times, eh? The black woman Mayor; the black woman Chief of Police, and then the black male Fire Captain not able to get the hard head stunters up there in Seattle to see reason. Now the City of Seattle with a joint business and actual residences of that six blocks lawsuit for abandoning their civic responsibilities. They were being protestors harasses merely trying to graffiti clean their building fronts.
Actually worse down here in Portland. Four times I-5, I-84, and I-405 spill-in demonstrators mass marching clogging shutdowns.
And the core group of 200 real troublemakers have actually plywood blocked in one of the north Portland Police precinct buildings with police inside. Windows smashed the predominantly surrounding black owed business. And now have tried to burn down the Police Union building expressing their (this is a TV interview quote), “Right for civil disobedience.” The previous woman Chief of Police, and now promoted black Captain Chief of Police unable to reason with the Keep-Portland-Weird, unreasonable’s.
We do have Federal and States Rights to peaceably assemble. Right to verbally, and written express ourselves.
Civil Disobedience destructions is not a given right anywhere in our constitutions or laws. Only a taken thing. Truly is Rioting. Or Revolution. That did not work out so well for Mr John Brown. Participate with those willing to fling shits and that shits splattering in on you too.

Anyhow. Life is good now with the fourth bantee hen hatching out. Baby chick everywhere for us here now. 17 total. And maybe more to come.
THIS is what is real to us.
Fresh spring garden peas. Early forming garden cauliflower and kohlrabi from all of this cool, wet weather.
Steve Unruh


You have a unique way of expressing yourself. I like it, though occasionally I have trouble understanding it. Keep it coming.


Interesting discussion. I am just catching up, been busy with fence work, etc.

I have to disagree with that logic Billy. All the advanced countries of the world have tackled the COVID challenge more or less the same. Reduced movement, increased biosecurity measures, basic public health stuff. Plus fairly generous wage replacement programs to keep people home and not in financial distress. So the US is not an exceptional population / case, at least not due to social or cultural reasons. The mortality rates in the US can be compared to any number of other countries. And the comparision is not good at all. I accept that the for profit medical corporations are incentivized to call cases COVID. It is also true that undiagnosed fatalities at home typically are not counted as COVID deaths on death certificates. That amounted to roughly 180 additional deaths per day in NYC at the height of their disaster not counted as part of the pandemic.

The other significant deviation from the common approach is the stunning neglect of the basic needs of the working poor. No doubt this has unnecessarily compounded a bad situation. In the longer term it seems certain to touch off an almost unbelievable default on mortgages and personal debt. Likely enough to destabilize real estate markets and financial institutions.

Didn’t you guys have a big “tea party” in Boston long ago?..

Something about protesting taxation without representation. How do you imagine those dispossessed people feel about their representatives when they are going bankrupt, while the feds saw fit to pour 14 trillion to fully reimburse the wealthy for their sketchy bets on the stock market? Seems like enough to make people mad, maybe grab a hatchet and bust up some tea chests. And maybe make it known they want the old leaders run off.