Life goes on - Summer 2020

Can we please keep the coronavirus off this thread?
We get enough of it on the news and other social media.
Maybe start up a different thread and how it relates to our wood gas community?
I like this thread because I like to see what our community does when they’re not wood gassing.

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How is that ram pump doing these days? Looks like you are pretty confidant that you will not have to open that concrete tile under that pile of dirt and rocks.

Well, it has something to do with Corona and woodgas. I don’t dare to go out so finally build a boilerroom. It has a 2200 liter/600 gallon buffer. A 20 kW Kovan pelletboiler and a 18 kW Atmos woodgasboiler. The pelletboiler we used for several years, but redid the house so it became unemployed. We used it last winter again since natural gas has gone up 30% or more. The Atmos gasifier uses small woodpieces aprox 35 cm/1 foot long. It is starting to get to me, but there is still a learning curve to finish.
Today setup the electronics so that the chief director only has to turn the thermostat in the livingroom. Quite nice that everything could be build from scrap lying around.
So, periphery is set and now over to woodgas. I hope to start really asking questions to you guys. There is some beginning now. Next step is trying to upload some pictures. For now time is well spend on this installation.


Chief director = your wife? :smile:
Will the chief director also feed the boiler?

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Hello Tyler .

Thanks for the pics of the spikes . Great job!

I also have a couple of railroad spikes in my living room I use every day ( got to be a redneck with RR spikes in the living room ) They are near the heater and work well for drying towels and my boots :grinning:


No, the chief director will probably point out some slaves that can fill the boiler. It will probably be me…


Hey, sorry Bill, I don’t agree on the coronavirus being an unsuitable topic. It’s a national and international disaster and probably will change our world.

Earlier I had mentioned it seems extraordinarily hard to find projection curves of the growing pandemic. I found credible projections.

Here is the case for Nebraska. It interests me as it is probably similar in terms of population density etc to my own province, just have to reduce the figures to 72 percent for our smaller population.

Our own prime minister is lying to the public, being very vague when asked when peak is projected to occur,and to what extent the spread will be. They know very well what is happening and on what timelines. It looks like generally the medical system will be quite overwhelmed.

In the case of the UK, where they have taken very few precautions, they are expecting peak some 6 weeks from March 17, with 90 percent of cases in the 9 highest weeks, 50 percent in the highest 3. Expected to taper off by July.


Hi Kristijan are them ground built charco makers fairly smokefree as the barrel type are. ?

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We have personal responsibility to take care of ourselves and others. We all know the guidelines in order to maintain our health until this passes. The media has done everything they can to scare us. Guesses, projections and all the other bs they’re pushing is doing nothing but pushing fear onto us. Why do we feel the need to scare our own people here? None of us works for the CDC or WHO. What makes our information better than what we can find on TV?
I can only do for myself to protect my wife and myself. We are now given an opportunity to do something productive, maybe something new. Lets see those projects and share with our community. The next month I will spend making syrup. First maple and then birch. I will wait out this storm, not in fear nor with worry. I will have something to show when this is over. Right now, all I have is a few piles of wood for my cookers, 250 trees with bags hanging on spiles waiting for this favorable forecast I see for the next 10 days. God willing, I’ll have 50 gallons of maple syrup and 50 gallons of birch syrup.


Its just a pit 3x3x3 feet dug in the ground. I burn brush and limbs over it and coals slowly fill the pit. Then l just water it down.

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I know it is a bit insulting for those who suffer from it, but for us and many peolpe here this virus is the best thing that happened in years. Streets are empty, no people seen anywhere, l have no anoying visitors, and l have all the time in the world to get things done on the homestead. We were promissed 80% payment during the quarantene wich is not to bad.

Loosen up a bit guys, life is good. Pour a glass od disinfectant and make the best of the situation.


And some of us have to keep on working as if nothing happened :smile:


Yep, i know that feeling…

Anyway, stay safe and healthy everyone please…


That sure looks like “grumpy” cat.


Checked on my bees and found that they have all died, same results for my neighbors 2 hives. SIGH

So I salvaged all the honey remaining and cleaned the frames.
I built a cannibal pot and dipped everything in boiling water to complete cleaning and disinfect everything.

I have read that the Pacific NW is a very tough place to keep bees over the winter. 5 months of chilly tempretures and drizzly rain.
Tempretures seldom below 25 or over 50.

I encased the sides of the hives with 2” thick foam board last fall but did not do any thing about the Varona mites.

We will try again this year but the $160 Nucs are expensive. Well worth it as the bees are quite entertaining. I sit in a chair about 5’ away to watch the action.



I would not confide my genitals to a feline, knowing that they are jealous and that your half is not far from you …
excuse me, but with confinement I think we all need to laugh …


Yes, yes, here it is as usual when you live in the woods, made roof truss(?) and wood boards to a friend, who will make a small cottage. Do the firewood until next winter, has some left to do, and produced some sticks to make car wood off.


Did you make those trusses and lumber? If so how did you press those truss plates in? What is the moisture content of the wood? Looks good.


Hi Wayne, I was wondering why at the last Argos meet up why you had one tire and wheel on your truck was so clean. Good thing I didn’t touch any of your tires.
Looking forward to the wood gas video Meetup.


I saw the timber 2 months ago, and it now stands at about 20%. We have used such nail plates and special screws for them.