Life goes on - Summer 2021

Goodbye winter! Let’s have a new thread.

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First flames of the year.

Walnut shels in TLUD made of elderberry branches.

Spring eventually came to Diagon Alley. :nerd_face:


Today I used my Toyota to snatch 5/8 rod from under fallen concrete silos . I am using 5/8 rod to hold milking shed together .


the weather is nice here, so it should be used for planting. Son and daughter love to help


My potatoes have to wait little bit till they end undergroud. Soil is still cold and another night frost is forecasted after Easters.

In the meantime, I was able to “harvest” my willows :grinning:

Thin branches on right will go through the chipper to end in compost. What will be too much for chipper will go with the thick ones on the left into chunker for “gasification” fuel. Big pile in the middle will be chopped with hedge trimmer into short sticks and will serve as mulch around apple trees and currant bushes. And one third of the harvest is still waiting to be cut from the trunk.


A few days ago it hit 80f and today we have snow. Good thing I didn’t put any thing in the garden.


Hi All,
A picture just taken.

My morning hard frosts.
Wife insisted on mowing around the houses two day ago. Hurrah! After just 5 minutes jumper charging from the Hyundai ,it started right up. Stored gasoline fuel filled FULL, non-ethanol clear - no additives. 3E brand of spark plugs. 5-40 Mobil One.

I did first mow this old wet foot bottom yesterday.
Was where the Wife’s old German Grandma’ raised fodder beets for her dairy cows.
Wife’s Father would put in one cutting of grass hay for his beef cows. A true Euro style mini field at ~1/2 an acre.

And deep no rocks soil where I tried to move the gardens back in 1997-99 having just moved up here. Stupid me. I should have watched for a couple of years first.
Terrible results. It night air drainage frost pockets hard late Spring, and late Summer. Only ~60 days frost to frost.
Nope. Nope. We garden 10-12 feet higher up in the rocks ~300 feet to the left. 90 days frost to frost.
New neighbor houses are to the right, past our remaining trees. 20 feet higher with even a worse rocks problems.

Go look at low flow river sweeps of dropped out silts, gravels and rocks banks.
What the 100, 000 year glaciers melting back left for us here.
And then really believe the Icy-Ball Earth theories.
Large fields cropping is impossible here.
Enriched improved personal garden plot can be made virtually anywhere.
Steve unruh


I believe the lg and samsung front load washers use the same motors.

edit: I have no idea why it quoted this message, instead of what I have in quotes, which is " Hey Dave I wish this was true in the U.S.A./Canada for variable speed washing machine motors."

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Steve, based on the wheel ruts in the bottom mow you made it without getting STUCK but were thinking light thoughts.


Ha! Ha! I got stuck three times. Yes. Mine the wet soft.
The wife’s two times stuck up in the yards were high-centering. She insists dropping the mowing deck too low! ( I’d weld tab lock her out of low setting except I need them to drop off the deck for blade sharpening’s and such)
I guess when a fellow is too old to lift it out/or off, one end at a time, the game is over, eh.


Hey SeanO’ you are right. The US/Canadian front loader LG’s and Samsung’s do show this same perimeter bell PM magnet type motor.
The direct drive Maytag’s and Whirlpools I’d look up were high voltage? DC with wound fields and armature types.
The in-US/Canadian Bosch and Miele were the same copper wound, not PM’s; but indirect belt driving.
Hey thanks for the tip.
One E-Bay seller out of Australia is offering to sell used Fisher&Paykel to the US. $75.27 USD plus $53.22 USD for mailing. I wonder how the new bought over the Internet taxes would apply?

IIRC LG was sued by Fischer&Paykel because it was too close to the same. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought Maytag/whirlpool used a similar motor. Actually it looks like it is from the stator repair video BUT they might be using pulsed DC to get speed control instead of directly using ac kind of like the variable speed well pumps. which if that is true, it is very interesting…

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I rewired two LG stators, 1 for 24v 1 for 48v they produce 3 phase ac then I run it through a bridge rectifier 30 amp to get dcv.


Hi Steve if you wanted one of these motors i can probably get one sorted for you for free , and also the main shaft as well because most don’t sell the motors and shafts together . postage is high due to the weight of these things plus we are not as lucky over here our postage is extremely expensive .

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A sign of the times—the first mow of the season:


Steve, I like that a lot :smile: I’ve been thinking the same. It’s about the amount of waste char my truck can produce. Do you use a flute for the mower as well?


No flute in the mower; just Gary Gilmore’s original SimpleFire pipe nipple nozzle with stainless sheet metal shield.


Just planning to get our little mower out. Then this happens, no white Christmas but white Easter.
No time anyway, for the grass or anything else beside working. Work, eat, sleep repeat, what went wrong?


long live Joep, it’s white Easter here too. May it bring you an abundance of God’s blessing, for we are small and powerless, and God is great and merciful


Yep, go with the flow. Some things can’t be changed, they are stronger. My woodgas times will come, some day…

Found a 24 V batt pack, got a charger from someone, next step is an inverter. Still can’t make up my mind. Gonna be a cheap one I thing. Charge batt with alternator… Then woodgas, finally

No time for cutting wood, work work