Life Goes on - Summer 2024

I have never seen that, but I found it strange it didn’t do the top and bottom lines of both batter boxes at the same time.


As usual, night frost, as soon as it stops raining it freezes, been outside and watered vegetables and potatoes in the morning, hope it will be alright.


Hope you watered soon enough. The ice crystals magnify the sun cause the burn. I just can’t imagine frost in June. :slight_smile:


I think they had frost in around Grayling and a few other places in that part of the state last night Sean. I have had one in early June a while back and in early September a few years back. 20 feet higher up the hill from my garden and no frost. I sure hope most of your stuff survived Jan. I have seen potato leaves turn black and then still recover with new growth. I’ve never seen tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers survive even the threat of frost. One reason that if I am going to keep on breathing I’m going to start building covered grow structures.


I sure hope we are past frost, its has been warm and sunny a few days now I dare not say the r word. My squash and corn just started popping through the dirt 3 days ago… late to the garden as usual i guess, we had several late frost that kept me pushing things back. Maybe next year a green house to get a jump start


That reminds me. Vevor’s ads keep popping up now that I bought the oscilloscope from them, but they have a 20ft walk-in greenhouse for like 160 bucks

As far as frost, i think our last frost free date is june1. It happens, it just isn’t something I want to think about or even imagine. It can happen up north. :slight_smile:


That’s the best deal I’ve ever seen for a grow house that size Sean. I’m going to have to whine at the long haired banker and see if I can’t generate enough sympathy to make that deal. :sob:


Look for ones like that for reviews, I didn’t do that. Vevor seems to be reselling stuff cheaper then the OEM. Like my oscilloscope is actually the OWON but it was like 100-150 dollars less then the OWON.
An Amazon ad popped up and you can get it through them for 10 bucks more.
Temu has a HOMIFLEX 30x10x6.5ft Greenhouse for 190.

Flowers are out down here that might go further with the long haired banker. I picked up some elderberry along the roadside the other day. I grabbed some cuttings from them. I figured it might be an early variety since mine aren’t blooming yet. They might not make it, since it is a bit late for cuttings but I am not driving 50 miles to clip some cuttings. :slight_smile:


Life is sometimes strange. Throws you funny oppertunitys and such was also this one that l have been buissy with for the latest time. Got a good job opertunity, and of all things possible, its this.

Rebuilding ski jumps.
Greetings from Villach, Austria!


I must be in summer mode, I thought that looked like a lot of fun, when I thought it was a water slide. :slight_smile:

They do it indoors in dubai if you can’t decide whether you want a tan or visit penguins for your vacation. lol


F***ing global warming. :roll_eyes:


Thought the same thing… but maybe because today is the youngest 7th birthday and she asked to go to the water slides.


I looked at a bunch of them on Amazon. Thought about the vivosun one even though it’s more money but I have bought a lot of seed starting supplies, heat mats and an air pump from them and was happy with all of it. Decided that it was just too lightweight for the winds we get in this area. I’ll wait until I get the saw mill working again and just cut up struts for a Paul Robinson geo-tunnel.


Yeah, i thought it might be too lightweight for you that is kind of why i Said look at reviews. It might be good enough to get started and reinforce or not worth it at all.


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I would probably run it in a VM. You don’t lose a lot of speed IF you use kvm and then put the kvm guest drivers in the windows vm. what you mainly lose is the 3d graphics performance. if you install virt manager it is really simple.

I have been running Linux since ~95 when I installed slackware using floppy disks on a 386 computer, that I acquired over dial-up. The linux network stack was simply faster.

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