Life in the burbs

It has been a bitterly cold winter and the snow has not yet released its grip on the north land.
But people are coming out and starting to do the summer stuff.
I like looking in the Garage doors to see what people have been up too all winter.

For your consideration I post this photo.
A man from Vietnam building a submarine.
Took me a long time to get a straight answer on what the huge tanks were for.

I could not make this up…


A lot of people have died in experimental submarines, hopefully he has safety systems on top of safety systems…


fun fact the confederates built the first submarine to sink a ship in war… however that doesn’t mean it was a good submarine.


Wasn’t the first sub used to sink a British navy ship in the revolution? They never made it back from the mission though…

The Monitor, designed by Ericsson in the civil war eventually became an unintended sub…

Ya, I hope Ivan is careful too.
You would be amazed whats in there a G Wagen, lathe, welders and heavy fabrication equipment large vehicle hoist.
I have no idea what he does for a living.


Sounds like someone who would be interested in gasification!

Submarine maybe just a cover story. Maybe its really a space ship!

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I think there may have been a sub but it didn’t sink a ship

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Very cool about the civil war example, I wasn’t aware of it.