List of gasifier projects

A couple weeks back I made a list of all the Keith gasifier trucks and projects I could find on here. After double checking and a little sleuthing, I came up with 39 projects.

I count a project “started” as having put weld metal to steel, like starting the firetube. Nearly done means the gasifier is finished and being installed. Finished truck… well that’s obvious. I also listed whether in my best guess they will be at Argos or not.

Short answers: 16 finished trucks, 11 nearly done, 12 more started. 9 I’m pretty sure will be at Argos, 8 more “maybe” will come.

Spreadsheet here:

If you know of more or have better/different information for some of these entries post them below.

Also if you’ve been lurking and never posted, this would be a GREAT time to reveal yourself! Tell everyone about your project, don’t keep it a secret.

EDIT: This list now expanded to ALL North American gasifier projects, non-commercial, with a verified owner/builder.

Hi Chris, It’s good to see there are that many new gassers out there. There were only a handful in 2005. I will assume you are just listing the ones building Wayne’s design. This is probably the best design for people that can weld well and don’t drive in salt country. I’m not one of them with my eyesight problems and shaking palsy and salty roads. Wayne did show me last visit how he uses a piece of pipe to hold his hand steady and to prevent heat transfer through his gloves. My wife figures there might be 16 gassers that don’t announce their existence on the internet for each of us that do. I have either met or have been in contact with around 5 in this state that do not participate in any of these groups. I’ve had people leave notes in my trailer door as they pass through. Could you post the links to the various maps again. Thanks, Mike L

22 in fire tube 158 fins from 21saw blades over 200 ft of weld laid down only to miss a Dakota by 1 hr this afternoon and the f150 I called on won’t answer. Keeping truck options open as search continues

22 inch is huge !! Are you running a semi ??? I’m hoping you meant 12 inch … ML

Tom, added!

(cue the Baptist preacher) Aaaaanyone else? :slight_smile:

Mike Thanks for reminding me to be precise in my statements. 22 in long. Also want to say thanks for your knowledge here. Been researching woodgas for several years and your name came up alot as one of the most knowledgeable on the subject I pay close attention to your comments

Thanks Tom, My hat’s off to you for doing all that welding. You will enjoy it when it is done. Wayne pushed things to their limit and came up with that. Pretty neat. I am just an occasional driver so have taken a different approach and am still learning new things all the time … ML

Say Tom, I just looked you up and see you are in Lincoln. Jonathan’s old ford truck is probably still parked in a scrap yard in Martell south of you. Last time I saw it was 3 years ago or so. I haven’t been able to contact him but am working on it. It has a full system on it … Mike L

I remember an article on that truck in the local paper few years back. Have a coworker that lives down that way maybe he can tell me where the yard is at. Does Jonathan still check his email on the site? Ok here’s my sign guess I’ll try and see what happens

chris there is one more to add to the list of wk gasers of course some tweeking to do but so far so good .thanks wayne.

Hello Mr. Paul and congratulations !!

We all are smiling with you !!

Great work Paul! I love changing “nearly done” to “finished”. As of now we’re at 50 confirmed finished vehicles! Woohoo!

Does the list consist of vehicles only or WK gasifiers?

Bill, it’s got all the Keith gasifiers (and otherwise) that I know of. There’s a column noting which type the gasifier is.

Of the 92 projects listed, 80 are Keith gasifiers.

Chis, Add one more to the Project list. My build will be on a 94 dodge Dakota. I have the vehicle and 20% of the Material, waiting on the welder and plasma cutter. I’m looking at the Nov time period for completion. The build will follow the WK model. Thank You

Thanks John, added.


You may add my build to the list.
I officially started cutting out parts for the firetube on “BioWoody” this last Sunday 7/6/2014.
It is a '93 Dakota LE 318-V8 2WD
AR/MO (My actual State is Arkansas but my mailing address is MO)
Keith gasifier
I was at Argos in 2014 with no truck yet - Found one soon after. And will be there next year on woodgas if God lets me.
1/4" firetube

I will add a build page as soon as I get time to get some pics processed. I still work full time (kinda)

Al Denninger


Hi Chris;
I don’t remember seeing M. Ryders gensets, Arvid Olsons Genset and Tractor and my genset. All Imbert style and complete.If I missed, please excuse. Dan C.

Danny, added yours. List is non-commercial builds only. If Arvid builds one for himself (Civic?) that goes on the list.