Local Community College

Hi everyone,
The local Community College asked me to give a demonstation and answer questions about woodgas, to the Alternative energy Course. The students were very attentive and asked a lot of good questions. Here are some pictures.
#1 My truck in front of the college.
#2 Assistant Dean of the college and alternative energy class instructor asking questions.
#3 One of the students asking the difference between stratified downdraft and an Imbert style gasifiers.
#4 Flaring the truck, yes there is a nice flare but just can’t see it on camera.
#5 There were six students and a few other interested staff

That is really neat Ron. I am sure the students and staff were treated to an impressive presentation. Good job being an ambassador for this once lost but re-emerging technology.

Very nice RonL!!!
Were you able to give any rides ???
I was at UNF about 9 months ago with the automotive engineers gave out a bunch of rides. We all had a really nice day.

Sweet! Maybe there will be enough interest for the school to offer a “Gasification” class on a few Saturday’s.

We had some “how to build a wind generator” classes at ours.

Also in the summer our High School offers a week long alternative energy class; they cover most types of energy; including some trips to companies that used large gasifiers.

Hi Sean; because of liability concerns they put a rope fence up around the truck and wouldnt allow the students to touch the truck or come closer than the fence.So I didnt give any rides, but we ran out of time any way.I brought the gasifier off of my tractor for the students to look inside but it was too heavy for me to lift off the tailgate so it didnt help much either. Ron L

Step away from the U.D.O. Unidentified, driving, object!