Look who I found in my back yard!

I couldn’t get off to attend this event. Seeing who was teaching it I really wish I could have been there.

All the best Gary


Holy cow! That was just six hours ago and 120 miles away and now it is on this website!?! Modern technology is amazing. This is a workshop I presented at today on “Charcoal, for energy and the soil” Shown in the picture is the Simple Fire charcoal gas generator and gen set I use for demonstrations. The engine started on the first pull (for you younger folks, this engine was made in the 1960s. To start it you coil a rope around a drum attached to the crankshaft. When you pull the rope, the engine turns over. If it doesnt start, you keep repeating the process. No spring loaded rope return or electric start!) I’ll be bringing this same set up to Argos for any one interested in seeing it. Let me throw this out to the group while I’m posting. I will bring a Simple-Fire generator to Argos and sell for $300. It will include the generator drum, gas inlets/outlets, nozzle, gas filter, lid clamps,…everything you need except the engine. If anyone is interested, let me know as I’ll only have room for one.
Until later,
Gary in PA

Gary, I’m looking forward to seeing you again and studying your setup as well as your charcoal production facility. I’m glad you plan to make the trip. I didn’t feel too good last year with Lyme disease combined with the heat so stayed in the wings. Boy was I making and passing the kidney stones there with those 90’s. Hopefully this year will be nice 75 and 80 degree partially sunny days with little rain but maybe a sprinkle at night. I will be camping this year and we can make blue / pink flames and music in the evenings … Thanks, Mike