Looking for a Gazifier used

Hi Guys, I am looking for a gasifier any size I can buy for quick delivery, anyone who want to sell one? can be used no problem with generator preferably


What size generator and where is your location? You might want to message @Matt, he runs across them every once in a while, and his systems aren’t outrageously priced.


thanks, any size is good for us, bigger is better, we are in Ottawa-Canada but we can bring in, we have a custom broker that can deal with the paperwork, we just need something quick ready to ship

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We are booked, you have until the first week of July to get an order in for the 3rd quarter production cycle. There is a big youtube channel that is going to feature our machine here soon. Our 3rd quarter prodcution schedule will more than likely book very fast as a result. Third quarter production ends September and machines will ship then. Then we start 4th quarter production. We are all build to order and most are going to be out 4 to 6 months from time of order. Actually I think I am the only one in North America producing machines. Others are selling kits and plans but not production ready to run turnkey systems. Im also the only one that sells a charcoal fueled system. Others have not evolved to this point yet.