Looking for help in the knoxville, tn area

Is there anyone in the Knoxville area with welding and cutting tools that would be willing to help me assemble my gassifier, in exchange for help on theirs and maybe some other trades. I have collected enough stuff to get started. Just let me know if we can work out something.

Chad, I will be moving to Knoxville are this fall. Even if you are further down the road on construction, I will help you if I can…!

Good deal! I hope to find a way to have it done by August, being that I told a member of the agricultural I would do a presentation on gasification at the beginning of the semester …

Anyone else around Knoxville?

A quick search shows about 4 other members in Knoxville, about 60 total in Tennessee.


I didn’t know there was a search option, thanks.