Looking for some one in middle tn who has a gassifier

I plan to build a gasifier around my sawmill operation. I would like to visit some one who has an running gasifier.
Some of my questions

  1. Why is saw dust not used?
    2 what problems does bark give
    3 what routine maintenance is normally incurred
    4 how long will a gasifier ( typical build and size) last between fills.

Hello Roy ,

I am in Alabama and my be 3-4 hours drive . I have no stationary gasifiers but a couple of mobile units.

You are welcome to visit .


I’ll try to answer briefly.

  1. Sawdust tends to plug up. It can be used though, check out Doug Brethower’s Missouri gasifier.

  2. Bark can be OK mixed with wood but it depends on the gasifier. Bark is mostly ash and dirt, with little fuel value.

  3. Ash cleanout, draining condensates, washing filters, general cleanout depending on system.

  4. That’s like asking how long a tank of gas will last you. Depends on how quick are you burning it, and how big the tank is!

Wayne goes about 50-70 miles on a hopper in the Dodge Dakotas.

Also, look on the members page and search by location, “TN” or “Tennessee” should bring up some members nearby. Not many have trucks built yet. Marvin Willoughby has one, he’s in Alexandria TN.


Mines not stationary but I’d be glad to meet with you if you want to see it. My truck is running but I still have a lot to do on it. Where you from?


I am located in cannon county tn

We’re just about neighbors. Saturdays no good this week but I can make some time Sunday.

Depending on the amount of sawdust you have…pellets work rather well making woodgas…but a pellet making press is rather costly…if you have enough sawdust…you could heat your house also…