Lost dog/there is a Santa

This is a true story and one of the reasons I am so keen on the act of kindness.
There are truly kind people out there we just need to seek them out and be prepared to return the favours.

Hi Wally,

Thank you for your email to the Tractor Supply Customer Solutions Team!

Our company is not actually affiliated with the TSC stores located in Canada. However, I have forwarded your wonderful experience over to their company, and it brightened my day to hear about it.

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We hope you have a fantastic day!

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Comments: This message is a thank you and I would hope you give some recognition to your Sudbury Ontario employees that went above and beyond this evening.

Whilst working in my shop a back fire and noise scared one of my dogs and she ran into the woods and got lost.
My dog ran to the highway followed it to the mall and entered the store for shelter and comfort.
The staff at the store know my dogs and are very nice to them.
I guess she knew that was a safe place and she would be looked after( treats and plenty of affection when they go to the check out )

The staff knew it was my dog and know her by name " Gibby ".
They did not know exactly where I live, or my name but know it’s close by and they managed to get the message through neighbors in the area that they had my dog and she was safe.
I am told someone had planned to take her home and care for her until they were able to get in touch with me.

Not many companies have employees that are that attentive to their customers or that willing to try and help out these days.
They went above and beyond.

Wally XXXX
Its not easy to send you a message like this and I do not live in TN at the ZIP code I entered ( obviously ).
But I had to enter this nonsense info in order to fill in all the fields.
Maybe you should look into that in the future so Canadians can send proper information for feed back.
And I do not own a phone so the number is BS too.
The email is real to contact me if you like.

Customer Solutions


Added photo of stinky old girl curled up on my jacket next to young gun dog not really bothered by loud noises.
Too bad she is the best swimmer…
Yes that is a bandage on her paw, she is fine just tore up a nail on the brush run.


True story one week old
I live 1/4 mile south of an east west north south road intersection. Pulled out of my driveway and saw a white dog down by the stop sign just figured it was the neighbors. Got down to the sign not neighbors dog and I couldn’t coax the uncollared animal into my truck. Dog ran a couple hundred yards west then just stopped and stood in the ditch. Drove up and got out leaving my door open walked over to dog who was still very shy. Saw a shopping bag in the ditch and looked at it , full of dog food. Picked it up walked to the back of the truck and set over the tailgate looked up and the dog was getting into the truck.
We went on down to father in-laws place where we were working on a project and the wife asked where I got the dog. Told her it was a dump so she went and checked it out. 45 min later brother in-law asked what was I going to do with the dog wife was still in the truck with it. I answered looks like we are keeping it. So now we have 5

This new one wants to be by my chair


The big light coloured fellow came into my life also because he was unwanted unloved.
Now I have 80 pounds baby that wants to sit in my chair and try and displace stinky
baby as my chief bed warmer.
But he is kind to her even though he knows he is big and strong.
He is gentle…

I don’t really understand much.
But I understand dogs and they understand me.

Good on you friend.
You have a new dog, I bet she will be your best friend.!

Picture of my boy dog when he first came home thin and unsure.
He grew into a good natured dog that does not eat my great nieces doll ( christmas present she dog wants wants very badly ) .

There should be a button we only get to use a few times a year.
A best of the year post button you can press when you see a story like Tom’s
She is a beautiful looking dog Tom.
Any idea what she is hard to tell all curled up like that?

I just told my wife this story and she says she wants to beat up the person that dumped her.
I get it sometimes awful things happen to us and we have to make hard choices.
But ther are shelters for dogs and pets when their owners can not care for them .
No dog should be dumped at the side of the road.


Tell your wife I wanted to do the same thing. I believe the dog wouldn’t have survived the night if I didn’t find her. Fur is to thin to be a year round outside dog. She may even sunburn come summer. As far as breed kinda falls into the bulldog , boxer, pit corner and has beautiful blue eyes. Vet says she is one to one and half years old.
She only wants the toy the rat terrier has at that moment.
You have two good looking well taken care of buddy’s there


You are a true gentle man providing home for all those dogs.

Wriggly also jumped into my car to come home.
I did not have to say it twice, he climbed in never looked back.

The wife is the real savior she saw the link on face book.
I met the parents of the couple that formerly owned him. ( marriage break down )
Nice people, but they told me they would not keep him long.
I took that to mean they would not keep him at all and he was in danger.
The photo I saw was of a much smaller dog ( pup picture I guess ).
But I saw how thin and felt bad could not leave him.
But he had that look in his eyes like he was lost needed a home and I could not say no.

I like hunting dogs.
I don’t hunt no more, can’t do it feel guilty.
But the dogs you train for it.
That I love.
I love watching a good pack of dogs get on a trail do what they do best.
My dogs never hunt but they know the commands.
Some like the curly hair poodle/Lab mix sound like a joke but that could have been a fine duck dog of she had been acclimated to fire arms.
Nose down eyes wide watch her work the bush and follow commands.
Sometimes she brings back squirels and rabbits she catches ( well old now and slowing but still smart ).

Young fellow points.
He is quiet follows commands too.
Never catches anything though, that may come later observing the old girl.
But he is scared of water will not swim.
Probably be good for deer.
He runs and runs…

But my heart isn’t in hunting no more.