Loving my new Victoria!

I got my new Victoria setup from Stephen this week, and yesterday bought the remaining pipe fittings and things I need to run some tests.

I have been following wood gas for over a decade, and it was a project that was always on my to-do list, but never at the top, so I never had the time and focus to get a system up and running. Getting this Victoria has changed all of that for me, and I am really grateful for the help and opportunity from Stephen. What a wonderful person to have in our community!

First of all, just want to say how well this unit is put together. I don’t think I could have made one this good, and certainly not on my first try. Kudos to Stephen, the welding is great, things are solid, and everything hooks up easily. I really love the design and pipe threads everywhere!

If you have been sitting on the sidelines for years, like me, and want to jump into wood gas, get a unit from Stephen, even if it’s a smaller unit. You really won’t be sorry you did, and you get to jump through a good portion of the learning curve. Here’s his site: http://northernselfreliance.com/

I’ll be running a series of tests this week on a Honda 8 HP powered Lincoln welder. I also have a chipper I will probably run on this, but the welder is a good benchmark, because I can measure run time and output compared to gasoline.

One experiment will be testing rabbit manure as fuel. It’s dry and already pelleted! Best of all, I have mountains of the stuff. I’ll also be testing other fuels, from wood chips to crop residues, as well.

Thanks again, Stephen, for making this possible for me!


I love it! An inexpensive, fully-engineered, readily-available pelletizer.

Just hope it doesn’t turn out to be a “hare” brained idea . . . . :smile:

If it works, try goat and sheep as well - bigger “fuel” sizing and much more kosher when it’s pellet manufacturing days are over.

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I think any manure would work, and it saves a lot of hassle with handling wood stuff. It’s not as dense as wood, but if it is available, why not? It’ll be fun to test, anyway. :slight_smile:

That is a real nicely built gasifier that stephen company builds, hope you like it,and get some good use of it,its all fun just learning sustainable liveing.I could have used that with my welder,it would save a lot of money,building a gasifier,or two.