LP/NG Engines

Do LP/NG engines work with wood gas and is hook up different?

Hey DannyC
Short answer is yes.
Been there, done that on a dedicated Ford/Onan 240 CID I-6 propane engine and a Kubota DG 972 natural gas I-3 engine.

Longer answer is if they were dedicated designed for these gaseous fuels it is far easier woodgasing them versus any gasoline liquid fuel carburated engine by far. Dedicated engines with compression ratios, manifolding, valve and camming, and ignition timing curving already set up for the higher octane LP and NG fuels will be more optimized for woodgas fuel.
If the engine was originally gasoline carbureted designed - then depends wholly on the how the conversion process was done to propane or methane fuels.

However IF the gasoline engine is a modern electronically controlled individual port injected gasoline system then the woodgas conversion is the simplest and most proven effective of all.

Steve Unruh

What Steve said.

Thanks Steve, thats what i needed to know.Going to buy a used 13000 watt onan next week.Glad to know it will work. Dan

O.K. Arvid, a comedian. Steve sounds a lot smarter than me about the subject.LOL!

Steve is one of those guys I would be willing to bet on if it came down to a betting game. Yes i have that kinda faith in him