Make charcoal while making wood gas

I watched this guy build this system. I am impressed with how he shows all his mistakes, and how he walks thru each mistake and corrects it.

But for him to charge a battery, and make charcoal at the same time I am… impressed.

I do believe he needs to ditch the bubling of gas thru the water, but was amazed he got that to all.


I don’t recall him saying anything about one important part being the fuel / air ratio :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah He found out THE HARD WAY at the end of the video, but if I had not come here and had experienced it myself I would not know about the stoichiometric mixture

That said, I learned much in that video about how to make a good seal on the top with the proper materials, and how to collect wood tar from the reaction. Watching this I believe instead of running an engine I could re-direct the gas back under the gasifier to lower the time to make charcoal… It does look like a good syngas production method. I have a weather ballon I bought to store syngas, that 55 gal barrel setup he had might just be the thing… I have been wanting to use syngas to pressure can as a backup for propane. Propane is cheap now, but if things go sideways I always like plan b, c, d, and e.

Another thing that stood out to me was even with his poor setup he got over 500 watts of power , 900 watts at another… I have seen stirling engines far far bigger not put out that many watts.

I admire that he spent 2 months to get to this point… I don’t have a youtube account else I would direct him here…


You don’t need to redirect all the gas back under to speed up the reaction. There is plenty.

But if you want some inspiration, the Hornito is it! (I finally just refound the video. youtube pulled it several years ago because of music license violations.)

It is a continuous batch process, and they use the gas for starting the -next- batch as well as running a 4000w generator. And I think they collect the liquid portion as well.


Yes, I am a Youtube aholic and that was the video I was thinking of… I do wish it had audio… but I was not aware they had a gen tied in with that system. I do admire how large that pipe is, no restrictions on that flow.

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Okay. I am glad you said you didn’t get audio because I just started watching and there was no audio, and I was going to google for the transcript. I was at the end of it and opened it up in youtube and it started playing the audio. Then I started at the beginning and it played all the audio including the music.

They make no mention of the generator. I obviously picked that up from somewhere else. Probably on another list, and they were probably looking for more funding. Then I heard they got shut down. Whether it was lack of money, or not, I don’t know. someone said big oil shut them down, but a lot of those claims are normally not true. But they were doing some interesting experiments with the wood vinegar on plant growth and as use as a pesticide.


Yeah, I never had ‘big oil’ tell me anything. I doubt they would see me as a threat. Maybe outfits like Oberon Fuels, or Community Power Corp., but little guys like us, nah.


I have not seen any black SUV’s yet so I think Im ok.


Thinks for the crack in the youtube matrix. Using your trick I was able to download it with audio, and re-upload it to Rumble.

I remembered this video as to how impressed I was with it’s setup, great to have it back again.


I like the concept, but after looking at it again. there are improvements that could be made. :slight_smile:

It was weird that the video worked like that.


It was an old trick I used to use on youtube to get past the ads, if you advanced to the end then pulled back the video it would play and not repeat the adds. Looks like they are using the same program to block the sound as they use to play the ads.


Never thod of that, thanks!


They changed that. :slight_smile: and actually you used to be able to blackhole their ad servers as well. now you have to use like ultimate adblocke. I do use Enhancer for Youtube, which is a browser plug in that lets you speed up videos (not ads) and boost volume as well as a few other things as well. Usually i speed it up to 1.3x which saves time, and I can still understand what they are saying.


Another option is, an open source front end for YT. Click the Use button and select an instance. This removes ads and enables downloading.


If you use Brave browser or Opera on your pc, they have in built ad blockers that will stop adverts , sometimes you may get a 2 second black screen in the video that is about to play but that’s all .
Not sure about Phones as i’m too old to see the small screen these days lol


My phone is old and with a small screen because it fits in my pocket. i turned on the ‘accessibility’ option so I can triple tap to zoom in if I cant read or see something. :slight_smile:

I use the hosts file from Using a Hosts File To Make The Internet Not Suck (as much) sometimes. it gives site not found most of the time for ads and other stuff.


You still can and I do ( shame on me ) …

U Block Origin with a few tweaks all the ads gone…


I use an interface called “freetube” I adore it because it removes tracking of when you share.