Max Gasman's latest grate idea

Interleaved grate bars that scrape each other off. Watch the animation, ask Max some questions! :smile:

Quick demo of mechanism…


That thing is sack religious, wayne hardly ever has too even hit his grate shaker
button.That might work better with other designs though,other than the WK design,unless you prefer?//loose.I think i might have used that on my old IMBERT DESIGN or maybe running smaller engine on a bigger than needed gasifier.I think i like Wayne Keith design better and it wont hit the bottom of the drum.

This is a great grate idea for stationary’s!


Too many moving parts. I’ll stick with the circular basket type as it seems more practical for my imbert design.

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I like it,
While it is more complex than simple hanging grate… I’m thinking it may be very helpful for fuel with a lot of fines or difficult to use wood like Cedar & old weathered deck, fence or barn wood… I can’t run more 20% of it without major plugging.


Yup, what Terry said. Wouldn’t be all that hard to build

Thank you Chris for the presentation!

Thanks for the comments! Not that i understand what “sack religious” means… It does not have to have bearings on the bottom; they can be “hanged” from the upper plate. The “leaning on” boom can be ommitted if the grate bar axies’ are ganged together with a parallel rod.
(the grate bars are welded to their appropreate axis as is)


Thank you! One use where it may be applied.

Hi, Pepe! You mean 3 moving parts are too many?

Thanks! Appreciate your hard learned lessons, they do not come free!

Are you going to tying it out?
Max[quote=“tritowns, post:6, topic:2092, full:true”]
Yup, what Terry said. Wouldn’t be all that hard to build

Reminding, that the grate bars are narrow anglebar!

Hi Max,
I’d need to see the setup built or a 3 view drawing showing the complete driving mechanism. I can visualize the action and understand what you propose. Chris’s demo shows at least 7 parts moving. Is there a built version or did I miss something? Do you have another site or web page where you post your works, I can’t seem to find anything? Thanks.

Hey Max,

My current grate works fine, but I may try it on a larger future build.

Hi Max Gas Man,if you think there is a need for it at times we are all ears.I Gess there may be times when it would warrent the extra effort depending on the types of matereal too gasiffi ,good luck with experiment,just jokeing on the sack religious comment.You do good work,your ideas are from experiance quallity projects.

No, only three moving parts. The grate bars on each side are all attached and hinge together. So, left side + right side + support arm. My crude model doesn’t do it justice… it’s pretty elegant.

As some have said, it’s not generally needed with proper fuel sizing in a WK design. But there have been plenty of times where I’ve gotten a plugged up grate, from running too many fines in the fuel. This could solve that issue.

There is quite a bit of geometry involved, and some of the dimensions are not clear yet… pivot height, arm position, grate bar length, etc.


Thanks for posting the new ideas, If i ever get time too finishing my standard WK unit i will be much more entheused, some lids, clamps ,hinges,pluming,pluming pluming,inturnal ,exturnal paint,gauges.