Meet and Greet

This next weekend Sean French will be driving from the east Florida coast to may place in Alabama in his wood burning ford. Once here we will load up in the dakota and head out to Covert Michigan. I will display the wood burner at the Michigan Family Farm organization field day Wednesday PM and Thursday AM 25-26th.
We plan on leaving my place Monday and dropping in on Ron lemler Tuesday morning. We will be meeting up with Doug Dorst at the farm where the field day will be held around noon and nothing planed until noon the next day. The host said anyone is welcome.
If all goes right Sean will get to experience about 2500 miles of wood burning just on this trip.
If anyone would like to flag us down and have a cup of coffee and talk shop a little just let us know.
I will be driving back roads and hit I-65 at Decatur Al and I-65 to Indianapolis, 31 on up near Argos Indiana to Ron L. and on to Covert near South Haven Mi.
I am not sure on Sean route here if it will be going though Atlanta or up 280/231.

I’m glad you have a running mate on this trip … Drive through Chicago and drop by and jump in the pool here … It’s only 872 back from here … ML
Yea righhhhhhht …

Hi Wayne,
I am really excited about this!!! I will be bagging some fuel and doing maintaince on the ford tomorrow I haven’t had a chance to look at a route yet most likely it will be back roads to your place. Planning on leaving Florida Saturday A.m. Thanks Again for the invite Sean French

It’s looking like the 280 Route is the shortest distance so that means Valdosta,Albany,Columbus to Birmingham

The Dixie Highway runs almost all the way up there. I even drove on a stretch of it on my way to Argos … ML


This is excellent news! I would very much like to see your truck in action. Since the host is onboard, will they allow you to post the address of the farm where you’ll be? If not, I’d absolutely be willing to meet you guys anywhere in Michigan.

Hey y’all.

I will be in St. Clair Co this Friday till next Wednesday picking up my Son from a summer at Nana’s… would love to catch a visit with you and Sean and see the new Dakota and Sean’s Ranger. I know you would be getting all geared up for the trip and all, but if it works out, I will be in the area too ! Maybee we could grab a bisket and some grits at Jacks. Also, I would love to know where you do your picking Mr Keith. I am driving, so it would be no problem to bring back some hard to find parts, like ammo boxes, a good fire tube, those rim spacers, etc…

Hello Henry,

It will be a pleasure to meet you.

I don’t have the address handy but know how to get there. Doug Drost talked with the host last night and has the street address.

There should be no problem with posting it.

Hello Gary,

A visit sounds great.
I think Sean will be planning on getting here Saturday night and we plan on leaving here early Monday so if it fits you Sunday would be out best day.
(Yes tomato gravy, grits and a biscuit are hard to beat)

Below is a picture of some hoodlums I ran up on in Michigan last year.

Hi Mr.Keith,
I made my trip OK, Thanks for the suggestion to meet on Sunday, that sounds good. I will give a call on Sunday afternoon.

Gary ,
We will be looking forward to the visit.

Hello Gary,
I will be pulling out in the A.M. Truck is all loaded for Wayne’s I should be there tomorrow evening looking forward to meeting up and getting out on the open road.
BBB Sean